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'babygirl, you know exactly what i meant.'


Lying in my bed, I sighed as I pulled out my phone, staring at the screen.

It had been two hours since Ashton had sent me that message.

What was I supposed to reply? Was it considered flirting? I hated myself for having absolutely no experience with boys or girls for that matter.

I bit my lip, thinking, as I typed back.

'oh do i?'

I didn't think it was much but eh, it'll do.

I was about to lock my phone before it vibrated.

My eyebrows frowned in confusion. Ashton had already replied.

'so it took you two hours to reply? you know, i don't like to be ignored.'

I hoped he was being sarcastic because I hated to make people mad.

'i'm sorry, i just didn't know what to reply.'

A few seconds later, my phone vibrated again.

'didn't know huh? can't be that hard princess.'

My eyes widened a little when I read the last word. What was it with him and the pet names?

'babygirl? princess? you're sure you're talking to the right person?'

My fingers typed away as I then anxiously waited for him to text me back.

'trust me, i know i am talking to the right person. and i also know you're dying to call me something else rather than ashton, kitten.'

My cheeks turned a bright pink. Did he still remember that day we met? How I had embarrassed myself in front of the whole band? I typed, yet I acted like I didn't recall anything.

'no, i really don't know'

I lightly giggled to myself as I sent the text but I stopped right when I read what he sent me.

'oh now don't play innocent sweetheart. you know perfectly what i mean. i just know how much you'd rather call me daddy'


shit's about to go down m8s !

im so sorry i didn't update since the start of the school year, it kicked my ass tbh.

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(sorry about this chapter being ugly btw and i want death because of the gif)

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