Chapter Seven

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"And who's this?" The voice from the phone asked.
"Hiya, I'm Pandora."
"Hello, sweetheart, I'm Greg." The man grinned, firmly shaking her hand. Pandora noticed that he smelt like coat material, nicotine and a bit of  the perfume Chrissie was wearing.
"So, are you John and Mary's replacement until the baby comes?" Greg joked.
"Greg, darling, Pandora is Sherlock's daughter." Chrissie said gently.
The grey haired man opened his mouth, incredulously looking between Sherlock and Pandora.
"Sherlock, you've got a daughter?"
"In the flesh!" Pandora chirped.
"Yeah, actually, I really see it." Greg realized. "You kinda look like Chrissie."
"Let's talk about the murder!" Sherlock said happily and clapped his hands.
Chrissie scoffed and shook her head.
"The family was the Carole family, they were very kind, we knew them from church, two daughters and three sons. This morning the seven of them were found sitting around the dinning table, looking completely okay, but, well, obviously they were dead." Greg explained.
"There's no sign of a break in, anyone getting out, no sign of poisoning, and the scans all show that they were natural deaths, but all at once? I don't think so." Chrissie followed.
"And-" Sherlock started.
"And, before you ask, the records do say that they are the Carole family, not a pig." Chrissie interrupted before Sherlock could bring up a failed case.
All of a sudden, 'Stayin' Alive' started to play.
"What?" Sherlock questioned. Chrissie tensed up.
"Sorry, that's my ringtone." Pandora said pulling a phone out of her bag. "Bad song choice, yeah?" She asked Greg.
"These two have a bad history with it." Greg confirmed, trying to calm Chrissie down.
"You have a mobile?" Sherlock asked.
"Yes, I do." Pandora said. "Give me a mo'.  Hello, Mari? I've- Oh, thank you. Yeah, I'm all right now. Thanks, love. You now, we should get together, I'm living in London now. Bye, darling. Say hello to your brother for me. Thanks, bye!"
"Who was that?" Sherlock asked.
"My best friend, I'm allowed one, yeah?"
"Of course you are-" Chrissie started.
"Who's her brother?" Sherlock interrupted.
"Er, a friend...?" Pandora said, trailing off a bit.
"Enough questions. Leave the poor girl alone." Chrissie said harshly.
"Let's go?" Sherlock asked.
"Let's go!" Pandora smiled and bounced out of the door.

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