Chapter Five

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{A/N: To the two readers I have, a question. Please answer it honestly, because I don't want to write a story that you don't like, so tell me. Would it bother you guys if I put my OC, Chrissie in? She's Sherlock's younger sister by three years, Lestrade's personal assistant and his wife, and I guess Pandora's aunt. Please let me know. Honestly. Love you!! xxAv}

"I'm bored." Pandora groaned laying upside down across the armchair, her legs dangling off on end, her back off the other end.
"Well, you could join our conversation." Mycroft said.
"Hell no." Pandora scoffed. "You lost me at "'It's not fair for her to be raised by you.' The argument is going to end with yes, I can stay with Sherlock as long as he takes good care of me, is kind, doesn't kill me, feeds me, and doesn't deprive me of a social life."
"She's just like you." Mycroft marveled to Sherlock.
"Honestly. I'm his daughter and I've been living with him for a month. Who else am I supposed to be like?"
"You're starting to sound like him. Please, don't." Mycroft sighed.
A phone rang.
"I'll get it!" Pandora shouted and jumped up, beating Sherlock to his mobile.
"Hello, William Sherlock Scott Holmes' phone!" Pandora chirped.
Her father glared at her.
"Im putting it on speaker phone." She whispered.
"Hello, sweetheart. Would you pass the phone to Sherlock, I've got to talk to him." The voice on the phone said.
"I'm here, Gavin."
"Greg, Sherlock, it's Greg. Can you come down to the Yard? We've got a murder, a family not far from you. Come to the office first, please." Greg said.
"Coming." Sherlock said into the phone and hung up.
"Where's Pand-"
"I'm ready, let's go!" She said from the doorway, dressed, rain boots on, umbrella by her side.
"No. You can't come." Sherlock said stubbornly.
"Too bad, I'm coming. Bye, summoning a cab!" Pandora giggled and ran out of the door, excited to go to a crime scene.
"What am I going to do with her?" Sherlock turned to ask his brother, who only smiled sadly and left.

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