Chapter Twenty Nine

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James Moriarty dropped, dead to the ground, just like his brother.
Eight voices screamed, questioning what happened. One voice gave out, another cried in pain, one exclaimed in fear.
"Pandora!" Sherlock shouted, jumping up and running to his daughter. She was asleep, but her breathing was shallow, and she wasn't responsive.
"John. John, help me. Untie her, we need to get her to a hospital. Quick, help me." Sherlock whispered, pulling his best friend up by the wrist.
"Who the hell shot the gun?" Chrissie asked, getting up, helping Sherlock untie Pandora.
"That doesn't matter right now! We need to get her to a doctor, she's gonna die!" Sherlock shouted, getting the last knot off and lifting Pandora up.
"I did. I'm sorry if I scared anyone, but I got scared. She was threatening-"
"Greg. You're okay. It's fine. You just saved everyone. Thank you." Chrissie murmured, kissing him.
"Can we do this later? A goddamn hospital, now." Sherlock growled, grabbing Chrissie and pulling her to a car. Pandora was lying in the backseat, and Chrissie got into the drivers seat.
Twenty minutes later the Holmes' were at the hospital. A nurse brought out a stretcher and brought Pandora in, telling Sherlock to fill out paperwork when he was ready. 
"You're scared." Chrissie said to Sherlock as he filled the paperwork out.
"Your hands are shaking, and your pupils are dilated." A voice said from behind them. Mycroft walked up. "The others are all at 221B."
"I'm not scared." Sherlock growled.
"You're sweating, and you don't want to look us in the eye because you know that we will be certain that you're scared." Chrissie said.
"And, Sherlock, your forgetting the number one thing." Mycroft said. "We know you. We know what you feel because you are not a machine, you are a man scared for his daughter."
Mycroft didn't want to hug his little siblings, but they needed it. He wrapped one arm around each of them, and was not surprised when they both let out a sob.
"I don't like this." Sherlock shook his head.
"Me neither." Chrissie cried.
"I know." Mycroft murmured, kissing his little brother and his little sister, an unspoken promise that he would always be there for them.

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