Chapter Twenty Six

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"I bet you every single thing I own that everyone your father cares for, minus his brother, is gathered somewhere, trying to get ahold of you." Moriarty said to Pandora.
"He's not that stupid." Pandora spat.
"Oh, but kitten, he is."
The phone started to ring.
"Ready to talk to them?" Moriarty giggled, pulling the phone off of the floor and into his hands. He hit receive call on the screen  and out it on speaker in Pandora's lap.
"Hello?" Pandora rasped.
"Thora?" Sherlock yelled from the other end.
"Hi, dad." Pandora said.
"Where have you been? We've been calling you crazy, Pandora!"  Chrissie shouted.
"I'm sorry, Auntie Chriss. My phone ran out of batteries. I just charged it."
"Pandora, are you alright? You sound monotone." Mary asked.
"I'm fine, Mary. Perfectly fine. How is Lucy? I'm sorry I didn't get to go to her baptism, I thought we could visit the church later so I could see it." Pandora said.
"Keep going, kitten. Maybe two or three more minutes, and you could be dead. Keep yourself occupied." Moriarty said, picking his nails.
"And, Uncle Greg, I've been meaning to tell you that the cellar you redid at your house looks amazing. The boys must be having so much fun playing in the play room you built."
"I'm gonna hang up now, kitten."
"And, tell uncle Mycroft that he needs to see Molly's new dress, I think he'd like it for Anthea. Listen, I've got to go, bye!"
Moriarty hung up the phone, leaving Pandora in tears. "You bastard. You sick man. If you want to kill them just bring them here."
"Oh, I will. In time. I think I'd be fun for your last thoughts to be of your family dying right in front of you. I'm gonna go now, kitten. Have fun trying to stay awake!"
The lights dimmed, and gentle music started playing. Moriarty threw a blanket over Pandora.
"If you fall asleep, you will not see anyone again. How funny is that?" Moriarty said in a singsong voice, leaving the room.
"Ta ta, Thora."

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