Chapter Ten

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Pandora hummed along with the radio as the cab drove to the Watson's house.
"Stop that." Sherlock grumbled.
"Stop what?"
"Humming. You sound like your mother and I don't want to." Sherlock said simply, not even bothering say an entire sentence then continued flipping through the book he had in his lap. Although sixteen year old Chrissie had been obsessed with the first Harry Potter book, then the rest of the series, Sherlock never even bothered look at one of the books. After he had found the entire book series lying around in Pandora's room, he started reading them, and was now on the third book.
"We're here. Let's go." Sherlock said and told the taxi to stop. Pandora surveyed the little house, obviously recently bought. It was a bit of a way from 221B, but that wasn't an issue to anyone.
"Oh, good, you're here. She didn't want me to leave." A voice said from the door.
Chrissie was coming down the steps slowly, a brown haired baby on her hip, her free hand clutching the hand of a black haired boy.
"Uncle Sherlock!" The black haired boy squealed. He broke free from his mother's grip and ran to Sherlock.
"Hello, William." Sherlock said as he picked in the boy. "Why are you leaving?" Sherlock turned to his sister.
"They always have a busy life, those Lestrades." Chrissie said taking William back for Sherlock.
Sherlock scoffed.
"Go in. Mary's super excited to meet Padme and John wants to see people. The coming baby's driving them mad. I told them." Chrissie laughed, sounding like a little bell's chime.
"Padme?" Sherlock questioned.
"It's my nickname from Aunt Chrissie." Pandora grinned and walked up to the door if the Watson's.
"Bye bye!" William giggled as they got in the car.
"You're here!"

{A/N: Sorry, bit if a short, rushed, filler chapter. Love you! xxAv}

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