Chapter Sixteen

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{A/N: Happy Holidays, my dear friends! I love you all, and hope that you have a great upcoming Christmas, and a great winter break. No school, yaaaaaaay. xxAv}

It was easy to tell that everyone was enjoying dinner. Pandora loved laughing at all the commotion that was doing on at the table, like Sherlock deducing the waiter, Mary doubting the food, and John doing Elvis impressions. Of course, Greg and Chrissie were trying to calm their sons, trying to talk them out of throwing spaghetti at people (as if they stopped).
"God. We're terrible!" Mary laughed, coaxing the bowls of food away from the boys.
"I'm so sorry, Angelo!" Chrissie shouted behind her, throwing a pitiful look at the man, who was covered in food.
"Dessert?" William asked, holding his spoon, pointing it at his mum.
"I don't think so, trouble. Dad already gave you some chocolate, and you see how that turned out. We aren't doing that again, right Greg?"
"Of course, love." Greg grinned, taking a sip from his wine.
"Can I taste?" Pandora asked Greg.
"No!" Sherlock cried.
"She can have just a sip, Sherlock. She probably won't like it. Here, sweetheart." Greg said, handing the glass to Pandora.
Pandora touched the liquid to her lips, letting her taste buds register the deep red liquid.
"Ooh! It's bitter!" Pandora giggled as she handed the glass back.
"Yes. This crazy man prefers bitter wine to sweet wine. God knows why." Chrissie said.
"Oh." Mary muttered.
"You alright, Mary?" Molly asked.
"I think my water just broke." Mary whispered, looking at Molly and Chrissie
"What?" John said, shocked.
"Okay, okay. Everybody up! Greg, get the boys and go home. Move, John!" Chrissie started giving commands.
"You're what?" John cried.
"Move your arse, Watson!" Mary screamed.
"The hospital is thirty minutes from here without traffic, and it's rush hour. You won't get there for an hour." Sherlock pointed out.
"Mary, how do you feel about a home birth?" Chrissie asked.
"No!" John cried.
"Not your uterus, John! Fine. Let's go." Mary exhaled. "Move, Sherlock, move your butt before I kick it."
"Bye everyone, see you later!" Molly said, Mary's arm around her waist.
"What just happened?" Sherlock asked Pandora when the restaurant was empty.
"God knows. Let's go home." Pandora shrugged and slipped her hand into her father's as they walked back to Baker Street, laughing.

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