Chapter Six

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{A/N: So, most people said they would be okay with me adding in Chrissie, so here she is! xxAv}

Pandora skipped happily in front of her father, her neon blue rain boots splashing in the puddles, her polka dot umbrella above her head.
Yes, she was sixteen and far too old to be acting this way, but it was fun. The umbrella had been her mother's, and when she died, Pandora took it to remember her.
Her rain boots were a gift from Mycroft when she turned nine, but they didn't fit until she turned fourteen, and even then then were a bit to big.
"Pandora, stop it. You're acting like a six year old." Sherlock said from behind her.
"Sooooo..?" Pandora asked, turning toward her family.
"It's left here." He said, pointing to a corner.
Pandora walked ahead, walking into the large office building.
"Leave your umbrella there, please." A woman said to Pandora.
"Come on, Dora." Sherlock said to her.
"Is that my nickname?" Pandora asked, having to jog a bit to catch up with Sherlock's long legs.
"Unless you'd prefer me to call you Thora. Which I will. I feel like it'll make me seem like I care more, by giving you a nickname."
"Thora's fine."
"Sher!" A female voice said from around the corner.
"It's Sherlock, please, Crissida!" Sherlock called.
"Well, I prefer Chrissie. You know that. Cut it out." The female said to Sherlock.
"Dad?" Pandora asked, tugging her father's sleeve.
"Dad?" Sherlock?" The female snorted. "Is this Freja's daughter?"
"She's mine too."
"The fact that you abandoned her sixteen years ago doesn't really say that... I haven't seen her since the baby was born. 'No, Chrissie, stay here, don't go to the hospital...' What else did I do but go? I loved Freja, I'm sorry she's gone."
"What?!" Sherlock spluttered. "We'll talk about this later, Cressida."
"Hello, I'm Pandora." Pandora said and stretched out her hand.
"Hello, I'm Chrissie. Sherlock's baby sister." She put emphasis on baby, looking at Sherlock. "I guess I'm your aunt?"
Pandora smiled and nodded, all ready liking her.
"Let's go, Greg's waiting."
"Why didn't you ever tell me I had such a cool aunt?" Pandora whispered to Sherlock.
He shrugged.
The two followed Chrissie into the office.

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