Chapter Twenty

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"John? John, open the door!" Sherlock said, pounding on the front door.
The door opened to show an angry John.
"John!" Sherlock cried happily.
"Oi! Mary's still sleeping." John said crossly.
"I told you we should have waited till later. At least Aunt Chrissie told you." Pandora said. She looked up at Sherlock.
"Oh, hush." Sherlock said and walked inside the house.
"Is Lucy awake?" Pandora asked, looking at the floor. There were toys, diapers and bottles on the ground. Mary's clothes were in the corner, as she was always in her pyjamas.
"Yes, she is. I'll get her, but Sherlock, stay quiet because if she starts crying again I will kill you." John said to Pandora, but gradually turning toward his best friend.
"Okay, I heard you. Don't panic." Sherlock rolled his eyes and sat down on the couch.
John scoffed and disappeared up the stairs, coming down moments later, shushing a bundle of blankets in his arms.
"Here she is. Who wants to ho-"
"Me." Sherlock interrupted.
He missed all the babies being born, he was pretending to be dead when William was born, and when Edmund was born, he was mad at Chrissie and didn't get to see the baby.
Sherlock loved children, they were always hungry to know more, their favorite word being "Why?"
Babies were small and easy to make an impression on, and Sherlock always thought that if he could make an impression on someone long enough, they would love him.
"Alright, but watch her head- Her head, Sherlock." John said as he passed the infant to her waiting Godfather.
The baby began to cry as she moved, leaving her familiar father, meeting this odd gentleman.
"Hush, Lucy. Don't cry. Please don't cry." Sherlock whispered to the baby. She quieted down, falling back asleep against the chest of the new man, who, Lucy decided was a nice man.
John smiled at the man that was said to be cold and unfeeling.
"Could I hold her?" Pandora asked her father and John.
"Yeah. Sherlock, could you pass her to Dora?" John asked, looking at his best friend, still smiling.
"Here. Hold her head in the crook of your elbow... Slide your other arm under her for support. Don't drop her head, it's too heavy for her neck to support." Sherlock said. "There you go."
Lucy relaxed in the new arms, already feeling safe.
"She's so small." Pandora marveled.
"You were that little once. I never got to hold you, but in that metal bassinet I could tell. Thirty four centimeters tall. Nearly four kilograms heavy." Sherlock whispered, looking at his daughter.
John looked at his friend sadly, thinking about what ur must have been like.
"I have to go." Sherlock said suddenly, getting up.
"Dad, wait-"
Sherlock had already gotten out of the house and hailed a cab.
"Damn it." Pandora muttered.
"I'll call Chrissie to come get you. You can stay here with Lucy." John said, walking to the kitchen.
"Lucy, Lucy, looo." Pandora sang 
It was like being an older sister, like having something that she never got as a child. It made her happy to think that she could be like Lucy's older sister.
So very happy.

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