Chapter Twenty One

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{A/N: Actually realizing that we have gotten to twenty parts, ya go us. Thanks for the support, loves! AND, 1K! THANKS!! Btw, I saw the special and it was amazing!!!}

"And he just left?" Chrissie asked Pandora as they drove to 221B.
"Mm hm." Pandora nodded.
Chrissie sat in the driver's seat, positively fuming. Next to her Pandora was a little put off by her father's sudden abandonment, but not too mad.
"I'm going to actually kill him. Do you know where he's hid my gun?"
"Auntie Chriss, I think that's a little steep." Pandora told her aunt, who, in fact, did look very determined to shoot her brother.
"Fine. Your decision. Have you worked on the case yet?" Chrissie asked, turning onto Baker Street.
"He's still working on it. I think we might go to the Yard later." Pandora said.
"Greg isn't working today, so if you do go you'll have to deal with Anderson and Sally."
Pandora giggled. "Maybe not, then."
"Bye, love. I'll see you later. Call me if you need anything, alright?" Chrissie said as Pandora opened the door to get out.
"Got it. Bye."
Chrissie drove away, and Pandora made her way upstairs toward her apartment.
As she approached the door she realized there were many voices, her father's, and two others.
"Dad?" Pandora asked opening the door.
Two people had flown out of no where and attacked Pandora in a huge hug.
"Mari? Santo?" Pandora asked, throwing her arms around the people.
"How are you? It's been so long! Honestly, you need to actually call us when something happens. I'm so sorry-"
"Woah. Slow down." Pandora grinned at her best friend.
"Dora, would you be so kind and tell me who these people are?" Sherlock's voice rang out from behind the trio.
"No. Go upstairs. I'm mad at you. We can talk later." Pandora said stubbornly.
Sherlock sighed deeply and got up, making his way to his room.
"Sit down, sit down. We have a lot to talk about." Pandora grinned.

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