Chapter Twenty Three

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"Dad?" Pandora had just woken up from her map, the case notes still in her lap. "Are you here?"
Pandora looked around the flat, looking for a note or something, and on the table was a newspaper with scribbles from a pen.
Sorry. I was too lazy to look for some paper. I went out, I'll be back around suppertime, don't worry. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Actually, scratch that. Don't do anything I'd do. Or- Oh, forget it. See you later.
-Sherlock Holmes
That was crossed out, and under it was written:
Dad xx
Oh what the hell is it with those crosses ignore it, I thought it would be cute but it's actually disgusting.
Pandora giggled, tucking the newspaper in her pocket.
Walking to the kitchen, she pulled out a packet of instant noodles and started to boil water, humming to herself.
From behind her there was a crash as something fell of the table. Pandora whipped around, her hand finding a knife on the counter.
"Mrs. Hudson? Is that you?" Pandora asked, picking up the book that had fallen on the floor. She rubbed her hand over the cover to check for any scrapes on her favorite book.
"Not Mrs. Hudson because she doesn't ignore me." Pandora said aloud. "Is anyone in here?"
That was the last thing Pandora remembered before she blacked out.

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