I Don't Know How, I Don't Know Why

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Dipper's P.O.V.
As soon as I got off that bus, I felt like something was wrong. I couldn't put my finger on it. Maybe it was something in the air, or maybe it was the uneasiness of being back in a familiar place after so long. I don't know.
"Dipper, are you alright?" Mabel asks, concern lacing the tone in her voice. I pause for a moment, recollecting my thoughts. Anything I say or do in this moment could change my fate.
"I'm fine...I just think that we need to be careful right now, especially with our vulnerability in the wilderness. Just stay quiet and follow me. We'll take the paved road back to the Mystery Shack." We make our way home in silence, watching the path with caution. Mabel and Bill are behind me, holding each other's hands like there's no place they'd rather be. It's these moments when I feel most alone in this world. Right here, and right now, my friends are the trees, and my love is the long road ahead. When all is sorted, said and done, I am going away. I know Mabel will protest, but Bill will be there to protect her. I have faith that he will; because I've seen the love in his eyes, as well as Mabel's. It is a bond that is sure to keep them together, even through the toughest times. When I go away, I'll travel around the world. I will find my purpose in this life, taking in the beauty in all I see. The future is endless, but for now, I will live in this moment. And right now, my purpose is to save my own flesh and blood, Stan Pines.
We come to a clearing, and I see the Mystery Shack right before my eyes. It looks the same, apart from the fact that the window on the wooden door had been smashed in.
"Mabel, Bill...there's something wrong, the window's been smashed in. I'm going to check it out, you two please stay here, or find somewhere to hide. If anything happens to me, run. Run and don't look back, understand?" Mabel begins to open her mouth to protest, but Bill silences her with a kiss and takes her by the hand, leading her to a good hiding spot. I make my way over to the door of the Mystery Shack, careful to maintain complete and utter caution. I reach my hand out and slowly turn the knob on the worn wooden door. Just as I had suspected, it is unlocked. My heart begins to pound, my breath short as I swing the door open to the shack. Kneeling there, in a pool of blood by the doorway, is a red-haired beauty. She is sobbing, and looks up at me with such love, pain, and confusion all at the same time. Suddenly, when I look into those lost green eyes, it dawns on me. The person who I had dreamed about every single day while I was away, loved with every ounce of my being...

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