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Mabel's eyes were glistening with tears. Bill wiped them gently away, and cupped her small face in her hands. He planted a kiss on her lips, and Mabel pulled away in shock. Bill looked hurt and turned away.

"Y' know, if I'm really that awful you could've told me instead..." Mabel took his hands, tears streaming down her face once again.

"It's not you! It's just... You don't know what it feels like to finally begin to love someone who you hated, only to have them torn away from you! You're going to die, Bill! And it's all my fault!"

Bill stood there, looking sad. "Ah. But I do know what it's like to loose someone... And now I'm loosing you..." He said. All of the sudden, his usual smirk came upon his face and he took Mabel by the hand.

"But enough with the sad, depressing thoughts. Sweetheart, that isn't how you normally act! And hey, I still have time left. Let's enjoy it and have a little fun!" He winked and dragged he down the hallway of Mabel's mind, into a dimly lit room with rose petals everywhere.

"Bill?" Mabel asked, worried.

"You're 18 now, Shooting Star! It's time you had a little romance in your life." Bill winked at her. Mabel was in awe as she stared at herself in the huge mirror on the wall.

"But- but, this can't be! I was just 13 before I came into my dreamscape!"

"Exactly. Time flies by fast when you're in your own mind. And I would like to add that you look stunning."

Mabel blushed and Bill waved his hand, making a beautiful pink dress appear on her. Her brown locks splayed around her shoulders, creating an angelic effect.

"There. A beautiful dress for a beautiful Shooting Star. Now, where were we? Let's have a little fun." Bill grabbed Mabel's waist and pulled her closer as their lips locked. He swooped her up and threw her on the bed, causing Mabel to giggle. Bill took off his coat and vest so Mabel could see his toned muscles. She blushed furiously and turned away, but Bill lifted her chin so he could look into her deep brown eyes.

"You're so beautiful," Bill said. Pinning her down on the bed, he crashed his lips into hers, and they went on like this until Bill stopped and stared into her eyes.
Mabel bolted upright on the bed, a scared look on her face.

Bill nodded sadly, reading her thoughts. Putting his coat and vest back on with care, he said, "I understand. It's ok." He gave her a quick kiss and took her by the hand, leading her to another dream door.

"Alright baby cakes, you're going to love this!" He swung open the wooden door with elegance and Mabel gasped. It was nighttime, and thousands of constellations, shooting stars, and meteorites surrounded the sky.

"This is where I spend most of my time, aside from the fact that I'm always alone." Mabel squeezed Bill's hand to give him reassurance.

"There's me. I'm with you now," she said.

"You're right. I have you and that's all I need." Bill sat down on the otherworldly blue grass and motioned for Mabel to sit by him. They laid down on the grass cuddling while Bill showed her all the different constellations.

"You see that one? That's Orion's belt. And that one? That's the big dipper!" He winked at Mabel.

"I totally forgot about Dipper! He's probably already discovered my body and thinks I'm dead! And what about Grunkle Stan, and Soos, and-" Bill silenced Mabel with a passionate kiss.

"I froze time back there so nobody would find about your death. Mabel I'm so sorry to tell you this but... You're already dead."

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