Demons and Dreams

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   Dipper was completely and utterly afraid to open his eyes. The reason for this was because he knew Stan would be gone. The same Grunkle Stan that taught him how to be brave, vanished into thin air. He dared not to cry, because he needed to stay strong for Mabel. Little did he know that the person standing behind him was thinking the exact same thing. Bill Cipher was existing again, and all because of Stan's sacrifice. He laid a reasurring hand on Dipper's shoulder. Dipper whipped around and backed away from the demon.

   "You!! You did this to my sister!"

   "What? Where is she? I tried to protect her- I swear! I put her in her own dreamscape to prevent her from dying. I ended up getting expired because... Because I fell in love with her.. And I didn't mean to hurt her. I'm sorry Dipper, I'm so sorry," Bill said, his eyes filled with tears.

Dipper looked down at the ground.

   "I thought demons couldn't love. Now Mabel's in a mental facility because of you!" He shouted. Bill buried his face in his hands.

   "What? Why?" He cried.

   "Mabel went crazy because she lost you... We put her in a regular hospital, but she attacked somebody. I woke up to find two men in white coats knocking on our door. They've taken her away, and it's up to us to bring her back. If you think for a second that you can get out of this-"

     "I wouldn't dare. I've changed my ways. I'm no longer condemned to being a dream demon, and I owe it to Stan for getting me out of the cosmos. So I'll say it once and I'll say it again, there is NOBODY on this earth that can stop me from getting my shooting star back!" Bill said, determined. Dipper nodded, a sign of approval.

    "Alright then. All we have to do is use Grunkle Stan's portal, and we'll be on our way to Mabel. Allons-y!"

   "What's allons-y? I used to be all knowing, but now I've got no powers..."

Dipper facepalmed.

    "Don't you watch Doctor Who? Oh wait, never mind, you don't own a TV. Anyways, it's French for "let's go". Allons-y. Mabel's waiting." Dipper walked over to the teleport, pressing buttons and making sure everything was in tact. He motioned for Bill to step inside, and they were on their way to Mabel.

  It didn't take long for them to reach the mental hospital, and when they did they were astonished by what they saw. Instead of a regular, up-to-code facility, it was a run-down place of agony. It had a rusty barb-wire fence running all the way around the building, and it looked more like a jail than a hospital.

    "I swear to God, if anyone has hurt Mabel, I will rain hell upon them like there's no tomorrow." Bill fumed. There was certainly no power on Earth that could ever get in his way.


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