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Mabel's P.O.V.-  I fell asleep crying uncontrollably. My Bill was gone and there was nothing I could do about it. So here I am, stuck in my own thoughts. Surprisingly, I begin to dream. It's funny, really, how you can dream in your own dreamscape. The only difference is that the dream shows you what you most want...causing emotional turmoil. I feel myself drifting off...loosing reality...
  "Bill, honey, can you pick up the kids at 1:30? They're just about done with school for the day."
   "Don't you worry Shooting Star, I'll pick them up now." Bill gives me a quick peck on the cheek and runs out the door. I sigh out of content and begin flipping through the pages of Bill and I's  wedding photo album. Sooner than expected, the door swings open and two adorable, little, blonde- haired children run through the door. My children. I smile as my baby girl Iris runs over to me.
    "Hi Mommy! Look what they taught me at school!"  She snaps her stubby little fingers and a ball of blue flame appears in her hand. Its just like what Bill can do...
    "That's wonderful sweetie! One day you're going to be a great dream sorceress someday!" Iris giggles and beams up at me. Billie, my seven year old son crosses his arms.
    "Hey! That's no fair that Iris is magical and I'm not!"
Billie was born with no magical powers, but I love him just the same- with all my heart. Bill chuckles and scoops Billie up in his arms.
    "You may not be a magician, but you sure have a knack for investigating things! That is a power in itself." Billie smiles. Bill always knows how to make the children happy.
    "What's that Mommy?" Billie worms his way out of Bill's arms and grabs the photo album from the table.
    " That's your father and I on our wedding day." Billie and Iris look at the photos, and Bill comes to sit by me.
    " Mommy you look so pretty!" Iris points at the photo of me in the flowing, white dress. Bill takes me by the hands and looks me in the eyes.
    "And she still is," he says.
I blush and Bill scoops up the children, putting them on our laps. We laugh and smile, just one happy family...

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