Autumn Leaves

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Once upon a time, I was a monster. I was trapped in a shell, forced to commit evil because it was the only thing I knew. I spent day after day manipulating others for my benefit, causing pain and harming the minds of others. I don't know why I did it, but I do know that somewhere deep inside I wanted to change. On the inside, something was missing. There was a void that needed to be filled, an emptiness in my soul. The world seemed to be changing, maybe for the better...Suddenly, on a dark and stormy day, everything changed. This is a story of a monster that fell in love with a princess...a demon that a girl would forever change and melt his heart.
..."Mabel," I whisper, trying to wake her from her slumber. She had fallen asleep on my lap, and the bus had finally reached our destination: Gravity Falls, Oregon. Mabel stirs, and her brown eyes flutter open to meet my golden ones.
"Hello, sleeping beauty," I say, and can't help but stare. She notices, and her lips curl into a knowing smile as she places them onto mine. I kiss her passionately back, wondering how I got so lucky. There's no place I'd rather be on this earth than with my shooting star. I place my hands on the small of her back, loving her with all my body and soul. Finally, I place a single kiss on her forehead.
"I love you so much," I say, and she chuckles with an adorable smile.
"I love you, too Bill," she says, and I take her by the hands. Dipper notices and his expression grows impatient.
"C'mon! We can stay here all day and flirt with one another, or we can save Stan, which is what we came back to do in the first place!" He yells and storms out of the bus. I laugh, not thinking much of Dipper's reaction.
"Well, I suppose we'll just have to pick up where we left off later, hmm?" I wink at Mabel and lead her out of the bus. She gracefully steps onto the ground of fallen leaves, and breathes in the scent of the air, relishing every moment.
"I've always loved fall...the colors, the scents, and the way crisp leaves seem to dance in the wind," she says, and it makes me think. Am I beginning to love fall, too? I guess I never stopped to enjoy the seasons when I was a demon, but now I have a new reason to. I smile to myself. Maybe I've melted on the inside, and maybe she's melted my heart. I am forever changed, and forever greatful. I love her; my shooting star.

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