The Eyes Are the Window to the Soul

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Bill's P.O.V.

I used to be a merciless demon. But that's not me anymore. I honestly don't know what I've become. The times have changed, and so have I. But if there's one thing I know, its that Mabel needs me, and I need her.


Dipper motions for me to come hide behind a brick wall. We're not authorized to be in the building, so Dipper whispers a plan inside my ear.

    "Okay. Here's how it goes- In order to get inside, we have to act like the mental patients."

     "Why can't we be doctors?"

     "Because that would be too obvious. Do I look like someone who would be a doctor? C'mon, I'm 15 years old. And you, too! You've got an eye patch and bright yellow eyes for gods sake!"

      "Alright. I guess it shouldn't be too hard to act insane. After all, I've been this way for as long as I can remember." I shake my head. It almost feels wrong to act as a patient, but I have to do this. For Mabel. Dipper tosses me a white uniform that most of the patients wear.

     "Here. Go change into these. It'll help you blend in." I wave goodbye and go change into my uniform. Locking the bathroom door behind me, I turn and realize just how terrible the living conditions the patients are forced to stay in. The bathroom walls are filled with grime. I turn away and pretend not to notice this. A knock sounds at the door, and my heart races.

    "Its Dipper." He whispers and my breathing returns to a normal pace.

     "Don't worry, I'm done," I say, unlocking the door.

     "Perfect. You look just like a mental patient." He chuckles and I roll my eyes.

     "Let's just go get Mabel, okay? I don't want to have her suffer for one more second... This place is awful."

We make our way out of the god-awful bathroom and down the halls. Dipper stops at the entrance to the dining hall.

    "Let's meet back here in two hours. If one of us doesn't make it back, the other will escape as fast as they can. Got it?" I nod my head.

     "Good luck Dipper," I say. He looks up at me and smiles. Something comes over me in that moment. He hugs me, and I feel like I am a part of a family. My heart has melted to the core.

      We part ways and I head over to the recreational room. On the way, a doctor gives me a glance that would sicken most. I pretend not to notice, throwing my head back and cackling maniacally. Ha! No one will notice me now. My acting skills are better than I thought.

    The recreational room is not as putrid and sickening as the bathroom and the halls were. There's a couple of shelves full of weathered books, and an air hockey table from the 1980's. When I look at all the patients in the room, none catch my eye except for the girl with the long, brown hair in the corner. I can spot my shooting star from a mile away. She's hunched over and shaking, facing the other direction. It brings tears to my eyes to see her in this depressed state. I'm inches away from her when I stop in my tracks. My voice quivers and I struggle to make out a word. Redundant. That's what I've become in this moment of speechlessness and pure heartache.

    "M-mable?" I cry out in a stupor.

She slowly and shakily turns around to face me. I stare into her eyes, which have become like black holes of pain and sorrow. Her face is void of emotion and covered in bruises... I reach up to smooth her hair only to have my hand smacked away. I pull back in shock. The doctors have done something to her.

   In a dream-like state, she looks up at me and says-

    "Who...Who are you?"

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