The Bruised Stars

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"Wendy...Oh my God, Wendy!" Dipper cries. She reaches out to him, quietly sobbing as Dipper pulls her into a strong embrace. Pulling away from her arms, Dipper looks into her olive green orbs and is saddened. Wendy wipes the blood and tears off of her cheeks and regains her composure.
"We tried to save the rift...we tried to save Stan. We...I failed. I'm so, so sorry, Dipper." Dipper began to weep. All of the memories that could have been, with Stan, were wasted to the whole of time and space.
"How much blood is to be shed, and how many hearts are to be broken, before we can truly be happy?" Dipper shook his head in disbelief. None of this can be true, and none of it should be happening. Wendy looked at Dipper, saddened at his expression. There was more she needed to tell him, but it was best to keep silent. Dipper looked at Wendy, mourning his great uncle with his silent tears.
"I'm not going to give up! I'm not going to stop trying to save Stan. No matter what it takes-"
"Dipper, the rift is destroyed. We tried to stop the government officials, but they were too powerful and armed. We can't get him back, I'm sorry... Soos tried to ward them off, but the agents...they killed him. Everything happened so quickly, and I wish I could have saved him. Soos is dead, Dipper! He's dead and it's all my fault!"
"It's not your fault, Wendy. For now the stars are bruised, but all wounds heal in time, I suppose," Dipper said, masking his emotions.
"I just miss him so much..." Dipper offered his hand to her, comforting her with his touch.
"I know it's painful, I miss him too, but it is not your fault. Wendy, I have loved you ever since the day we met. I know you. You have been a friend to Soos and and to Stan, and that's more than enough. You are amazing, throughout your faults and your perfections. I love you Wendy, so much more than those bruised stars above us."
"Yes, Wendy?" Dipper looked into her peircing green eyes. He was ready for the blow he was about to receive. He had always loved Wendy, but it was always unrequited love, nonetheless.
"I can't Dipper... I just can't. Ever since you and Mabel left, things started happening. I thought that if I tried to save Stan that maybe it would bring everyone together. But it didn't. All it did was tear everything apart."
"I know, Wendy, but-"
"Dipper I'm broken; I just need some time. I thought I'd might like to get away for awhile, take some time alone with my thoughts y' know? But in 5 years time, things will be all sorted out okay? You have my word. We'll all get time to mourn and heal, and who knows? Maybe I'll see you again?" Dipper nodded his head in solemn agreement.
"Sure. Well, listen, I've got to break the news to Mabel and Bill..." Dipper trailed off as he watched Wendy scribble down a number on a weathered half sheet of paper from her pocket.
"Here's my cell. Call me in the city, who knows where I'll be from now? We can have deep conversations, and heal each other from time to time with good company. Even though I need my space from Gravity Falls, and we'll be apart, we can still keep in touch. Alright, you better get going. Mabel and Bill are probably worried about you," Wendy said, glancing out the dusty window in the shack.
"Yeah... But before I go, I just wanted to say thank you- for everything. I may still be the same nerdy, sometimes awkward person that I've always been, but I'd honestly don't know where I'd be without you. Goodbye Wendy."
"Ditto," Wendy replied as Dipper turned to leave.
"Wait, Dipper-" she abruptly said as Dipper turned to face her again,"You know I love you, right?" Dipper said not a word, instead, he smiled knowingly, and walked out the Mystery Shack door for the last time.

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