I really do love her
Yes I said love so what?

"As much as I want to say yes, No, but Nash said that he'll go with you" I smirk

Nash and Carter have been teasing me and showing me these things about camila that I love yet hate them for doing they constantly tease me about liking her

"Yay thank you Nash" she exclaims while jumping on him hugging him


That should be me
I roll my eyes and look away

I hear Nash chuckle
While looking at me 'chill' he mouths

"I'm not going on" Nash says laughing
"No please" she says

"Not the scary ones the less scary ones" she promises
"Fine" he sighs

Camila pov

We walk around looking for a ride to go on

I see the superman ride and I immediately pull Nash towards its

"This one" I says excitedly
"Hell no" Nash says looking at the ride
"It's not as scary as it looks!" I plead

"Fine, it's scary im going to kill you" Nash warns


I nod

We wait in the very short line and when it was our turn we got the front row

That's even better

Nash is going to kill me

The ride begins to start and there is this camera where Carter and Matt are standing so they can see us the whole time

The ride starts and we zoom onto the track and around the loops

I laugh the whole time unlike Nash who was scare among the whole time

I look over at him who looks like he just shit his pants

I laugh even harder and then the ride comes to a stop

We get off and I adjust my crop top which was tucked into my skirt

"That was awesome" I throw my hands up and run upto Carter and Matt

Nash walks over slowly and tipsily as if he's drunk

"Never.trust.her" Nash says joking but out of breath

"We saw your face camila was laughing the whole time and Nash you looked as if you were going to die" Carter laughs
"It wasn't that scary" I look over to Nash
"It wasn't that scary" Nash mocks me

I glare at him "let's go on another one" I ask
Nash laughs and clutches onto his stomach

I smile widely and look over at Carter and Matt "What's funny?" I ask dumb founded
Nash continues laughing
"Nashh" I whine

"What's funny?" I ask wanting to know what caused his hysterical fits of laughter

"Y-you actually t-think I'm going on another roller coaster with you" Nash catches his breath

I nod, "Yes" I cross my arms over my chest
"Yeah tuff luck" Nash says putting his arms up.
I huff and plead for him to go on one more with me

After a couple minutes of begging I gave up.
"Matt" I look over at this beautiful boy who's eyes are locked into mine with his mouth in a thin line

"Please" I quiver my lip and look down at the ground with my eyes looking through my eye lashes

"Fine come on, just one though" Matt latches onto my hand
"Really!?" I look at him shocked that he is going to go on with me
"Yeah but not a scary one, I'm serious Camila" Matt says in a stern tone

Honestly a scared or serious Matt scares me and I don't know why it just does

I nod as I look around for a ride to go on.
I see the 'king da Ka' ride and I recall a couple of people talking about how that ride was the best and how it only lasts about 5-10 seconds

"Matt can we go on 'king da Ka'?" I ask
"It only lasts 5-10 seconds". I add

Matt nods and walks toward the ride with me
"Oh wait I don't think you can go on it" Matt turns around
"Why?" I ask wanting to go on it.
"Because your too short" Matt jokes

My jaw drops and I glare at him
"I'm kidding" Matt laughs

His laugh is music to my ears

I pretend to be Mad at him and he grabs onto my arm
"I was kidding, baby" Matt looks into my eyes


The word replays in my head
It sounds so right when he calls me baby

My throat was dry and I don't think I could trust my voice to talk

"O-ok" I squeak
Matt chuckles and grabs my hand while pulling me over to the line

He looks at me and smirks probably knowing the effect he had/has on me

I roll my eyes looking the other way
When we get to the front of the line we get in our seats
The roller coaster begins to start slowly and then comes to a stop
"What the hell, did this thing break?" Matt asks
"I don't know bu-" I was cut off mid sentence by the rollercoaster zooming past its track at about 145 mph and let me tell you

I know I was going to die once I get off this thing, not because of the impact but because the person next to me was going to flip his shit.

The ride comes to an end and I look over to Matt and see that his reaction was the exact opposite of what I was expecting

There was a smile on his face and he looked over at me
"That was actually really fun" Matt says shocked

"Oh for a second I thought you were going to kill me" I say in relieve

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