Chapter 20

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Camila pov

"I'm In love I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love I'm in loovee with a monster" Lauren sang

Then it was dinahs turn to sing
I danced on stage as I was told to, until I was pulled back by my waist

"Hey sexy can I get a lap dance after" he winked.  "What's your name" I smirk.

"Nick" he seductivley speaks.  BINGO

"Sure" I smirk excited that this is working

I run over to where the boys were singing my parts in the  process

I grab Matt by the shirt and whisper in his ear
"I found him and he wants a lap dance after, this is working!" I exclaim

"Good thank god" Matt breathes
"Wait is that Nick going up on stage" Nash nudges Matt

I turn around to see that Lauren brought him up on stage

"I'm gonna seduce him" I laugh
"What no your not" Matt says over protectively
"Hey, I want him to live his last few minutes of his life in pleasure" I laugh

"Do it, I want to see" Carter laughs along

"I'm in loove with a monster" Lauren sings

"Hey hey hey hey" I sing
I go up the stairs to the stage and move my hips to the song

"Leave it to me" I grind on him
"Don't you see I don't run from it" I run to the other side as he watches me
"Bigger but better hey hey hey hey"

Once the song ends he follows me to where the private rooms are which is on the 4th floor

There was a camera hidden in the room so that Matt Nash and Carter could see me through a tv screen in the car

"So have you ever done anything bad in your life" I circle him

"No, but the only bad thing is that I might be falling in love with you" he seduces

I turn away from him making a sour face before turning back around

"I thought I was the only one" I smirk
"So your telling me the truth right" I ask
"Why would I?" He closes his eyes enjoying my company which I find gross

While he has his eyes closed I grab the gun from my boot and push him up against the wall while sticking the gun up against his head

"Oh really" I ask innocently
"What are you doing?" I asks opening his eyes

I hear footsteps coming towards the room and at that moment I didn't think I could do this

"This" I say pulling the trigger as he Falls on the floor.

I hide behind the couch loading the gun.
A door slams open and I know it was nicks workers.

"Shit" i mumble to myself

Matthew pov

Who knew Camila could be such a bad ass, and I find it fucking sexy

"That was so smooth" Nash speaks as we watch Camila take the gun out of her boot and push him against the wall.

"Cmon she can do this" I whisper to myself

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