Chapter 13

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Camila pov

"No no no" I said running away from nash who had a box of light brown hair dye in his hands

"Mila, you said you would!" Nash exclaims laughing

"I was joking, I don't want to do anything with my hair" I said looking down at my black hair

"Do you want to be recognized and killed?" Nash asks

"Tragic" I mumble.  "Exactly, now come on we are dying your hair" Nash chuckles dragging me into the bathroom
With the Matt and Carter following behind us

I stare at my reflection(pun intended) in the mirror and sigh while looking back at the guys

"Let's do it" I say
"Nike campaign!" Carter yells in my ear
"Carter I'm right here" I yell back
"I'm sorry!" He yells

I glare at him and he sends me an innocent smile back

"Ok do you want me to do it or do you want to do it?" Matt asks
I start laughing hysterically and all the guys look at me like I've gone crazy

"What?" Matt asks confused
"Your not going anywhere near my hair" I say grabbing the box from his hand and reading the instructions

I look over the instructions and take the dye out of the box
I sit down on the chair in front of the mirror and
Put on gloves

I open the box and start taking strands of my hair and applying dye on them


I step out of the shower and put on my clothes I then blow dry my hair with my eyes closed because I wanted to see the finished product at the end

Once I was finished I opened my eyes and couldn't help, but let out a little gasp at my appearance I looked good and by good I mean


I didn't look like a little girl anymore I looked older not too old but I looked my age

My clothes were different also I was wearing a black off the shoulder crop top and white high waisted jeans

I applied some eyeliner mascara and lip balm to complete the look

Once I walk out the bathroom door I walk downstairs and into the living room to show the boys my hair

"Camila?!" Carter exclaims jumping off the couch and in front of me

"Carter!" I mimick

"Damn you look hot" Carter says looking at me up and down
I spin around and pose
"Thanks" I laugh
"I actually really like my hair!" I say

Nash and Matt walk off the couch and towards me

Matt never once losing eye contact

I force myself to look away though
There is something about him that I can't tell
The way he looks at me causes butterflies to erupt in my stomach

I never felt like this when we were At school, but I guess that's because he's not a goody goody he's a bad boy

And I'm not sure if I like it or not

"You look really good" Nash says pulling me into a hug
I look over to matt who was just rolling his eyes

"Thanks Nash" I smile
"Do you like it matt" I ask trying to be nice although he's probably going to have a snarky remark

"Yea it looks nice" he says paying attention to his phone more than my hair

I roll my eyes
"Hey Carter do you want to go out to In n' out in hungry" I say already knowing that Nash had to do some work in the office and Matt was going to say no

"Sure, let me just grab my keys" Carter replies (NO THIS ISNT A DATE EVERYONE)

"Your not allowed to go without my permission" Matt says looking up from his phone

"Well carters going with me so I didn't think I needed it"I say
"Plus it's not like I'm going to runaway There is no point" I say

Carter came back " let's go" Carter says

"No I'm not letting you guys go" Matt says crossing his arms

"Why?" Carter asks confused
I know what matt is doing he's just jelous that I'm going with Carter
Although I don't get why he's getting jelous.

"Because, If she runs away than you won't have me to be there" Matt explains

Nash let's out a chuckle but immediately covers it with a cough

"Not funny" I glare at Nash

"I'm not going to run away, I promise" I say getting annoyed

The boys just look at me

"You guys don't believe me, I won't run" I exclaim

"No I'm not letting you guys go" Matt says

I really just wanted to be eating my burger right now so I said

"Fine, matt would you like to go to In n' out with us" I say pointing to Carter and I

"sure" Matt says casually with a smirk
I playfully glare at him
"Nash are you sure you can't go?" I ask Nash
"Yea I have to track down Dan" Nash sighs

"Who's Dan?" I ask

"Oh shit we never told her" Matt sighs

"Dan is our enemy we hate him he's always trying to kill us and our group because he thinks that my dad had sex with his girlfriend when in reality his girlfriend kissed my dad and forced him to make out with her" Matt rolls his eyes

"She was just a two timing slut who didn't love Dan although he thinks they were in love" Matt adds

"Oh, um that's so sad?" I say not knowing how to react

Matt let's out a chuckle and says

"Nah he just needs to get his shit straight, and realize he can't hold a grudge forever, but right now he wants us killed or whatever we have gone" Matt explains with a shrug

Wait- I'm what they have

Matthew pov

"Nah he just needs to get his shit straight, and realize he can't hold a grudge forever, but right now he wants us killed or whatever we have gone" I explain but instantly regret the last sentence

I looked at her face and saw that she was scared

"No Camz, I didn't mean it like that" I start

"It's just That Dan wants us to suffer but don't worry he won't get you" I say

She instantly relaxes and let's out a breath of relieve

"Ok good now let's go I'm starving" she says grabbing Carter and I's arm while dragging out the door

I admired her hair and how long it was the color was also nice she looked different from the first day I ever met her

She looks gorgeous-

- I don't know what's going on I usually don't talk nice or call anyone gorgeous I'm usually all dark and care free about everything

I decide that I should ignore it, it's probably because now that we have a girl in the house we have to act different

Yea! That's it

I don't like her

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