Chapter 14

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Camila pov

*2 days later*

It's was currently 1:30 and I had just finished eating breakfast with the boys because we woke up late due to watching movies all night

I was sitting on the bed when the guys walked in the room

"Hey what's up" I greet them

"Well, I got you something" Matt says


"What is it?" I smile

He takes out a phone from behind his back it was an iPhone 6 space grey

"Thanks!" I exclaim
"Wait, but the only thing you can do on this phone is call Me, Nash,Or Carter" Matt says

I looked at the phone and saw that there contacts were the only contacts in there

Well this is great. I thought

"Ok thanks" I say
Although I didn't really go on my phone a lot when I was at home
It just annoyed me at the fact that the boys thought I would run away or call for help

Eh I wouldn't blame them though because I wouldn't be able to trust anyone in that situation either

"Oh um also our boss wants to meet you" Nash says scratching the back of his head

"today?" I ask calmly
Although by the things that the guys told me

I'm scared of their boss and the people that they work with because the thought of killing someone just makes me cringe

"Yea, your going to be my call so act like your in love with me and I'll act like it too" Matt says


When he said that it just shot something in me that I don't know what it was

I can't be developing feelings for Matt because
He kidnapped me. I don't actually think I like him

I think it's just the thought of someone saying that to me....hurts I guess

I'm not sure but, I am most definitely NOT developing feelings for Matt he's a so perfect and hot and I'm so ugh and not

Camila shut up, your talking stupid

Why did I just say that?

"Camila?" Carter waves his hand in front of my face

"Hmm" I say looking up
"You were Zoned out for a while Soo" Carter laughs

"Oh I'm sorry" I blush

"Ok anyways what time are we leaving?" I ask

"At 3:00 so get ready!" Nash says

The boys were about to leave the door so I grab carters arm before he could leave and drag him back in the room while the Nash and Matt go downstairs not even noticing

"What's wrong?" Carter asks

Throughout the time I've been here

I feel like Carter and I have gotten close like we were best friends
I mean I haven't known him long like I've known Nash and Matt, but Carter is good at advice and I love hanging out with him

"I need help picking out my outfit" I reply nervously

"Hey, you don't have to be nervous" Carter says looking me in the eyes

"I'm not just nervous I'm scared" I admit
"Mila, they aren't scary people trust me, but just do one thing and don't talk back and please pretend that you love matt" Carter says advising me towards what I have to do

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