Chapter 11

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Camila pov

School was over and I was now at my locker getting ready to go home

"Hey beautiful" a familiar voice whispers in my ear sending chills down my spine, he loops his arms around my waist from behind and I flip us over so I am now facing him

"Hi cam" I smile hugging him back with my arms around his neck

"Do you want to hang out today for a little while?" He questions
" sure" I say while closing my locker

He grabs my hand as we walk out of the school we were walking to his house and he looked kind of nervous for some reason

He got a text from someone and he checked his phone and it looked as if he'd seen a ghost

What was going on? I thought
My instincts were telling me not to ask him but other things were telling me to ask him so I decided to

"Hey cam, are you okay?" I ask
"Um...what yea I'm fine.." He trails of stuttering a bit

Ok then

We get to his house and I can see a nervous looking nash and matt standing at his doorway I try my best to ignore it, but it's killing me

We walk into cams house and the boys immediately go into cams room telling me to stay downstairs

Well that's nice, I think to myself

*10 minutes later*

The boys come downstairs and cam looks as if he's been crying

I rush over to him and hug him
" Cam what's going on?" I ask
"It's nothing, I-I just found out my dog died" cam lies

"Oh..I'm sorry" I say although I know he's lying I don't want to stress him out

"I actually have to go home, I have a lot of homework" I lie as well all the boys are acting weird and aren't telling me and its pissing me off I want to know

"Ok bye" cam says pulling me into a tight hug like his life depends on it

I walk out the door and hear cam whisper "I'm sorry" I don't think that was meant for me to hear but I didn't tell him

I walk across the street to my house and go to my room I look over at the clock to see its 5:00

I finish my homework and go downstairs for some dinner
I see that my mom or dad arent home so I make myself some Mac n' cheese

I eat it and quickly go upstairs hopping into the shower and take a relaxing shower

I come out 45 minutes later and dress in some shorts and a tank top I brush my knotty hair and climb into bed

It's 8:45 so I decide to go to sleep although it was really early

I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach but go to sleep anyways

Cam pov

I can't believe I did this I was playing camila the whole time and I realized that I actually was falling in love with her

And the worst part is she's now leaving and is never coming back yet she doesn't know any of this

I fucked up big time

All of a sudden matt calls me

Matt: Hey dude we are ready
Cam: I can't we actually did this to her I feel so bad
Matt: I know and I'm sorry but this is part of our job Cam you'll get over it
Cam: Fine do it bye
Matt: alright thanks bro bye

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