Chapter 17

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(I changed the fair to an amusement park with roller coasters which is 30 min away)
Camila pov

I'm so excited to go to the amusement park  I touched up my hair and makeup and went downstairs where the boys were watching tv

I plopped down on the couch, watching whatever the show the boys were watching.

I look over to the guys who were smirking at Matt (when I say guys know that I mean nash and Carter that's it)

Matt just glares at them, lately they've been acting weird around me and Matt, but I could care less to find out what it's about.
"Ok let's go" Carter hops up from the couch and out the door.  We all get up and follow him into the car. 

Matt was obviously driving so I look at Nash who was already looking at me with An evil smirk on his face

"Shot gun!" We both yell at the same time

I race to the car with nash hot on my heels, he eventually caught up to me and was about to reach the door when I yank his hand back and reach the car door.

"Hah in your face son" I say laughing in his face
"You cheated" Nash glared playfully
I stick my tongue out at him and he does the same

I hear a laugh come out of Carter and I look over to him to see him recording everything that just Happened

I stick my tongue out with my eyes crossed and my hair in my face with my hands holding a peace sign after my 'pose' I laugh and see that Carter took a picture of That

"Aww you look so cute, look matt" Carter smirks showing Matt

I glare at Carter while he laughs at me

"She does look cute" Matt states

Holy cheese

"Thanks your ugly" I joke getting into the car

He's not ugly he's hot
His eyes

Stop camz
I mentally scold myself

Matt gets into the car and begins to drive to the amusement park

Matt has his hand loosely on the steering wheel while his other is connected to my hand playing with it a little

I trace my thumb over his knuckles and feel him relax under my touch

I begin to day dream a little about random things and before you know it were at the amusement park

We hope out of the car and get our tickets

I felt bad about the boys always paying for me but they kind of own me so they have to I guess....

"Ok I have one rule I'm not going on any roller coasters" Matt says with Carter and nash agreeing with him

"What no that's the best part" I frown
"I'm scared as hell" Carter says doing a double chin
I giggle and then face back to Matt

I grab his hands still facing him batting my eyelashes "please" I beg

"Damn" I hear Nash say

Matt pov

"Please" she begs batting her eyelashes and holding my hands while facing me

Why the hell is she so beautiful
Adorable at the same time

"Damn" Nash says behind her

He looks at me and mouths
'She's a keeper'

I glare at him and roll my eyes

Im in love with my kidnapper M.EWhere stories live. Discover now