Chapter 4

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Camila POV

Cams house was big I liked it

Later on Matt and nash had to leave so that left me with cam and I

"Are you hungry?" Cam asked

"Ya Alittle" I replied

"Ok come on let's go"cam ordered
"Where are we going?" I asked stepping into his car

"Mario's pizzeria" he answered
"Ok" I replied

5 minutes later we arrived and went in cam took out his wallet to pay for me and him
I tried to take my wallet out, but he beat me to it

"Why didn't you let me pay for my self?" I asked
"A man never lets a lady pay" he smiled
"Who said you were a man?" I laughed
"Oh shut up" he smiled

When we were done eating we walked back to his house,but then my mom texted me saying to come home

"I have to go home cam" I said
"Goodbye mila" cam says chuckling at my new nickname he gave me

We both got up and hugged each other goodbye

*Next day*

I got up and got dressed in (pic in the begining)
I got a text from cam:

From cam: Meet me in front of my house at 7:00

To cam: ok

I checked the clock and saw that it was 6:50 so I quickly went downstairs greeted my parents and grabbed a banana and head out the door

I saw cam waiting for me at his house
"Yoo" I greeted him while doing a thug sign
"What the hell was that" he said dying of laughter
"Stopp" I whined
"Aww I'm sorry are you upset" he says pulling me in for a hug

"No-I just- you know what I don't like you anymore" I joked walking away from him
He started running towards me so I started running faster

"KARLA CAMILA CABELLO" cam shouted I stopped dead In my tracks

I turned around and tackled him to the floor "never use my full name ever again" I yelled jokingly in his ear probably making him go deaf

"Karla-" he began but I shut his mouth by covering it with my hand
He licked my hand
"Eww" I said getting up

"Your hand tastes like roses" cam chuckled
"Thanks" I said flipping my hair

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