Chapter 12

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Camila pov

I woke up in the morning at 9:30 to see the bed was empty, I don't know why I have to share a bed with matt but I have to obey him and the other guys

I take a shower and put on my clothes from yesterday which was the school girl outfit that we had to wear at school

I blow dry my hair and put on the bow
I didn't have any makeup so I decided to leave that.
I walk downstairs and smell pancakes and bacon being cooked so I walk a little faster because you know a girls gotta eat? Right.

I walk into the room to see all the guys are in there (Nash,Carter, And matt)

They were all shirtless and wearing sweatpants except for Carter who was wearing basketball shorts
"Hey Mila" Nash smiles at me
"Hi nash " I smile back they don't seem as bad as they sound
I mean they aren't that mean as I excepted

"Good morning" Matt looks up from cooking the pancakes
"Morning" I nod

"Ok so today we are going to the mall to go shopping, to get you clothes and that shit that girls need" Matt rolls his eyes

What's his problem
"Ok" I say

Wait I don't have any money- heck I don't have anything with me since they kidnapped me in my sleep

"I don't have any money to pay for it" I shyly respond

"Oh sweet heart were paying for your things, you don't need any money we will get anything for you"Matt laughs

I didn't think that was funny

"Yea we are millionaires" Carter replies
"Since we work for the HCI we have jobs as to catching the 'bad guys' " Nash says

"But you guys are 'bad guys' " I said confused
"Don't be a smart mouth" Matt rolls his eyes putting a pancake on a plate for me
"I'm not I'm just saying" I shrug

"Didn't we tell you not to talk back" Matt walks towards me

I take a step back and he takes a step closer
"Yea, but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to talk to you guys" I reply confident

The boys eyes widened as did mine I really shouldn't of said that

"Listen here bitch don't go all confident and think that your allowed to say anything you want because that's not how things go around here" Matt says through gritted teeth

The fact that he called me a bitch pissed me off, I'm not going to be that girl that lets the guys push you around thinking they have total control over you,
Yes I know they kidnapped me but I'm never letting anyone talk to me like that

"Don't call me a bitch first of all, and then maybe I'll cooperate" I speak
I could see Nash get up and he pulled matts arm back and then he lets go and steps in front of me

Nash grabs my arm and drags me into the other room

"Ok I know it probably pissed you off when matt called you a bitch, but please don't talk back" Nash emphasizes the word please
"But I'm not going to let anyone call me a bitch and think they have total control over me" I honestly tell Nash

"But Camila Matt has anger issues, he gets mad at every little thing someone does to piss him off, I'm just trying to protect you" Nash finishes

I sigh and then reply "Fine, but if he ever calls me a bitch again please calm him down before I loose it" I tell Nash

"I'll try" Nash laughs
"What's funny?" I ask
"Well your not exactly the fighting type"Nash laughs.  "I can fight!" I exclaim although that's a total lie I'm a whimp
"Let me see" Nash says

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