Chapter 1

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Matt pov

"Dude you can't have my sandwich" I roll my eyes at my best friend Cameron
"Please, I'm starving I didn't have lunch" cam begs

"Cam I just saw you gobble down your lunch shut up" I say laughing

Just then we see nash run into the lunch room towards our table

"Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys" nash says quickly
"what" I ask

"There is a new girl in our school" nash exclaims

"Ok and..?" I ask confused
"We could take her under cover" Nash whispers
"You know how Dan has been making you look for one, you could use her" Nash says

"Cam could be the one that she gets close with and then at the end we will be close enough with her and then we can take her like that" Nash explains
"So you want me to date her and the leave her for you guys" can asks

"Yup, you've done it before don't worry" Nash says

"But what if she's cute?" Cam whines

I roll my eyes and smack his head

"Shut up cam, come on let's go look for her" I say standing up

We all walk out the cafeteria doors and go to look for the new girl

We look in the office and hear an unfamiliar voice and when the girl turns around I couldn't keep my eyes off of her

She looks over at us and smiles before walking down the hallway

"Was that her?" I ask
"I think so, but I'm in she's hot" cam exclaims

I roll my eyes in pure disgust

As you can see I roll my eyes a lot in just that kind of person

I'm faking my personality right now which is my bad boy self because at this school I have to act 'normal' as my boss would say

A/n first chapter, short but the others are long

Hope you enjoy!!

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