Chapter 18

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-Next day-

Camila pov

This morning when I woke up at around 9:30 the guys weren't home they left a note on the kitchen counter saying that they were at a meeting and that they would be home soon

It was now 10:30 and I had already eaten breakfast and took a shower

(She is wearing the outfit that is on the top excluding the bow haha)

*ding* *ding*

I hear a ring coming from my phone acknowledging I had gotten a text

The only person that could text me is Matt, Nash, or Carter so it was probably them checking up on me

I looked and saw it was a blocked #... That's weird

I opened and started to read it

Hello camila,
I just wanted to let you know that your a worthless piece of shit that doesn't deserve a life.  Your an ugly pig that deserves to be hit and beaten by the boys you should be punished for existing , I don't know why they don't hit you, but they really should.  Why would they pick you to be there call? Your so ugly.  I hope this message makes you feel even more worthless than you are because you should.  Oh and don't show the boys this message or even tell them about it, or your dead and I mean it literally. I'll be watching you camila, good bye
By, unknown

I broke down into tears right there and then
That's the meanest thing I've ever heard being said about me

I run upstairs into my room and go into the corner and curl up into a ball, sobbing

It's true isn't it
I've never felt so worthless I don't deserve to be living
I deserve to be punished for existing

I sob ever harder. I hear the door open downstairs and I let out a whimper scared that it's the unknown person, but then I hear Nash's voice from downstairs

"CAMZ!" Nash yells
I hug my knees tighter, I'm not allowed to tell them or else I'm going to die and I don't want that although I deserve it I don't want to die

I hear the bedroom door open and Matt walks in looking around the room once his eyes spot me he looks shocked, he rushes over to me and kneels down

"Camila, what's wrong?!" Matt exclaims
"Come here, baby" he lifts me up and sits down on the bed with me on his lap and my legs around his torso

I've never cried so hard In my life
My breathing begins to get heavier and heavier

Oh no, I'm having a panic attack

I feels my throat closing as I try to gasp for a breath

"Shh, it's okay I'm right here, I got you" Matt rocks us back and forth rubbing circles on my back

"Stop crying, it's okay it's okay" Matt's soft voice chimes through my ears

My breathing slowly goes back to normal

What the heck

No one has ever been able to stop me from having a panic attack

Let me explain, so when I was little I would always have panicked attacks and there was no way to stop me even if my mom or dad would comfort me it wouldn't work
I went to the doctors and they prescribed me on some medication and whenever I had a panic attack I would have to take it to help me stop

I threw the bottle away a couple of years ago because I didn't need it anymore. Now my panic attacks are starting to come back, but I think Matt is the one who could stop them, he's the only one that could stop them and I have a feeling that it's true.

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