Chapter 16

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Camila pov

I woke up in the morning to an empty bed, I go downstairs and see Carter in the kitchen

"Morning Mila" Carter smiles
"Morning" I reply
"Where is everyone?" I ask

"Oh Nash and Matt had to go to a meeting, but they didn't want to leave you alone so I decided to stay since they are going to be home at 5:00" Carter answered

I nod my head and put a waffle in the toaster
"What are we going to do today?" I ask hopping up onto the kitchen counter sitting down

"Let's go for ice cream then walk around the block, I don't know?"Carter laughs

I laugh along and playfully roll my eyes
"Ok what time are we leaving?" I ask

"3:30?" Carter asks

"Sure" I say taking the waffle out of the toaster and putting syrup on it

I ate my waffle and went upstairs to get ready

Carter comes in a second after I came in my room

Matthews also

"Oh I forgot to tell you, but Nash, Matt, you and I are going to the fair/ carnival tonight"

"Yay" I said running around the room
"Woah slow down speedy Gonzalez" Carter chuckles

He walks out of the room and I pick out my outfit which consisted of

A white half sleeved fitted crop top and a purplish plad skirt with black knee socks (pic above lmao I suck at explaining things)

I then get in the shower and do what I had to do, then I walk over to the bathroom counter and blow dry my hair

I put on my under garments and my outfit

I plug in my straightener and straighten my hair, after I somewhat perfectly straightened my hair I apply some eyeliner, lip balm, and mascara (how she looks above) I then pull on my black heel boots.

I walk downstairs to see Carter sitting there texting someone on his phone

"I'm ready" I say. Carter looks up from his phone and smiles at me

"You look great" he compliments (not in a bf gf way)

"Thanks" I spin around jokingly

Carter pov

I was Texting Matt acknowledging him about the plans that Mila and I have today

"I'm ready" I hear camila say
I look up and smile
"You look good" I compliment not in a perv way, I already know that her and Matt are one day going to be together

Well I hope she feels the same way
"Thanks" she spins around jokingly

While she wasn't looking I snap a quick picture of her and send it to Matt

Carter- Dude you better get her fast, she's hot
Matt- she's so beautiful even nash said it, you guys better back of or I swear

I silently chuckle

Carter-Chill, we won't take her from you. Anyways I'm going to ask her if she likes you later on today

Matt- ok bye bro

Camila pov

"Alright let's go" Carter finally says. "We're waking right?" I ask. "Yup" he says

After about 10 minutes we finally reached the ice cream place

"Ice cream, you scream, We all scream for ice cream" I sing running into the ice cream parlor

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