Chapter 8

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I went home and started to get ready for Cam and I's date
He told me to wear something not too fancy, but nothing too casual
so I chose( outfit on top). I took a shower and put my clothes on then I let my hair air dry and I put on a SnapBack. I put on some eyeliner and mascara along with some Chapstick and put on my black converse.

I grabbed my phone to check what time it was and saw that it was 6:50. I have 10 minutes left until Cam is going to come pick me up.

~~skip to 7:00~~

I heard a knock on my door and I opened it and saw cam in a light blue half sleeve shirt with khaki's and a SnapBack. Damn he knew how to clean up

"Wow, you came at 7:00 sharp your pretty precise" I laugh at cam
"Yah it's not like I was waiting at your front door for 5 minutes waiting until it was 7:00 or anything" Cam smirks

"Creep" I mumble jokingly
"Say it to my face" cam yells
"Creep" I smirk, I thought I was so smart until I feel Cam lift me up and spin me around while gently throwing me on the grass

" Cam I just showered" I whine
"Wow that's a first" Cam says shocked
My jaw drops
"I'm kidding" Cam smiles

"You look beautiful" Cam helps me up. "Thank you, you still look ugly" I joke. "I would throw you back on the grass, but 'you just showered' " Cam mocks me

"It's called respect boy" I open the car door
"R-E-S-P-E-C-T" cam yells
"Congrats dude, you know how to spell" I look over at him.

"I know, it's a talent of mine" he smirks
"Yeah yeah, where are we going" I reply eager
"Chuck E. Cheese" cam smiles widely.
My smile drops
"Are you serious" I reply
"No" he laughs. "Your face was priceless tho" he laughs

"Where are we going" I ask throughout the whole car ride
Cam on the other hand just ignored me
We stopped at a red light and I turned to face him
I opened my mouth to say something but was cut off when Cam said
"I swear if you say 'where are we going' again I'm going to jump out the window" Cam whines

I stare at him for a good 2 minutes before replying
"Where are we going" with a smug smirk placed on my lips
"Your mom" Cam reply's pulling into an olive garden(the restaurant lmao)

"how did you know this was my favorite" I smile looking at him
"Mila I've known you for 5 months now and you never shut up about what crosses your mind" Cam Jokes. "Eh I would argue, but that's 100% true" I laugh

We walk in and Cam locks hands with mine as we walk to our table. We sit and order what we want to drink

"Can I get a sprite" I smile
"Can I get a coke" cam asks
"Sure we I will be right back to take your order" the waitress smiles at us

"What are you getting?" Cam asks me
"I'm getting the sirloin steak" I reply. "You?" I ask
"I'm getting the chicken fajitas" he reply's
The waiter comes back and takes our order

"So what you said earlier, did you mean it" I smile thinking back to what cam had said at Apple bees

"Oh at apple bees?" Cam asked. "yah" I answered with a smile.
"Yes I did mean it, Camila your beautiful and words can't describe how funny you are I'm glad that we met each other" cam replies

--skip until they are done--

"Thanks for dinner cam" I wrap my arms around his neck and wrap my legs around his waist bringing him into a koala hug

"No problem princess Camila" he laughs into my hair
"Ok next" cam smirks
"What?" I question tilting my head in confusion

"Oh shit I forgot to tell you to bring a bathing suit" cam whispers
"I was going to bring you to sapphire falls with me" Cam smiles,
"But that was until I forgot to tell you to bring a bathing suit" cam laughs at himself
"Eh I'll just go in my clothes" I shrug excited to go to sapphire falls

"Ok then let's go" cam hops into his car

When we arrive at sapphire falls we get out of the car
I never been here, but I heard a lot about it. My jaw drops at the view of the perfect ocean blue waves and the huge cliff.
"Come, let's go" cam grabs my hand as we walk there

"Perfect no ones here" cam smiles
I raise my eyebrows at cam. "Not like that stupid" cam laughs messing up my hair

"I'm just going to take of my cardigan and SnapBack tho" I look at cam
"Ok, I should've remembered to tell you" he told me
I take my cardigan and SnapBack of and turn around to see Cam shirtless

Look.Away I tell myself

"You like what you see" cam smirks
"Ew no" I laugh pushing him away

"Hey everyone would want this" cam runs his hands down his chest
"Every whore" I correct him
"Truee" cam protests

"Ok on the count of three lets jump okay" cam looks over to me grabbing my hand

I nod
"1,2,3" cam yells jumping in
I let go of his hand midway so that I didn't go in with him
I watch as he splashes into the water

"Camila" Cam whines
"Oops" I smile
"Come in" cam calls

"Ok fine" I reply. I jump in and feel the cool water hit my body.

"See wasn't so bad" cam wraps his arms around my waist for support.
"let's go again" I yell
"damn ok" cam mumbles

"Oops I'm sorry" I shrug

We jumped 3 more times until we decided we should go home
I was freezing my butt of and was sure of getting pneumonia

"Are you cold" cam asks
Mind reader.
"Yes" I shiver. "Come here" cam opens his arms with a towel. I walkover to him and warm up in his embrace
I rest my head on his chest and listen to the soothing sound of his heartbeat

"Better?" Cam asks
"Much" I mumble into his chest
"Come on let's go home" cam grabs my hand
" your sleeping over right?" Cam asks
"Of course" smile

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