Smiles hide secrets

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Title: This is My Disclaimer and Other Legal Mumbo-jumbo

Author: Me. SaraSierraGomez on wattapad.

Fandom: Directioner.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the boys from One Direction or 5 seconds of summer. I don't own Finn, Jack, Caspar, Tyler, Danielle, Eleanor, Paul, Little Mix or other celebrities that might be in this Fan Fiction. I don't mean to cause harm, confusion or headaches. If anyone is bothered by my work, talk to me. Both Delilah and Dylan are fictional characters. Same goes for other characters that might come in the future. Also, please don't sue doesn't suit me. This Fan Fiction is copyrighted and it has all rights reserved. Please do not steal. The idea is 100% mine. I will report you if you steal it. It has previously happened with other books of mine and things did not turn out pretty.


It's said that the prettiest smiles hide the darkest secrets. Is this the case for Delilah? Her walls have been built up high. They are strong and impossible to bring down. She's living her dream as a famous Youtuber and aspiring writer. That is until her mother and brother get in the way. She's not one to give up though- She will fight until the end. Delilah is a strong girl. Her beautiful face and smile could fool anyone. Except certain curly haired boy. He can see right through her. Can he- with the help of his four best mates- get through Delilah before it's too late?

{These fanfic starts getting better in about 6 to 7 chapters. I've never been good with intros sorry}

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