Three months after the war, was our wedding day. I was presently in my bedroom having the last few strings plucked from my wedding suit. Annika and I had found a lush green valley to have the wedding. We could not do it in a church as we were having dragons join us. My suit was based off dragon scales again, but it was a shiny gold this time. Annika would be wearing a silver dress to the ceremony. Valerio and Allegra were taking us to the valley. I was in my bedroom and she was in James old castle. We tore down the brothels and were currently replacing them with homes for the homeless children. We were also uniting the kingdoms so the poor people would have money to feed their families. The female dragons were helping the farmers to make the land fertile again as they had the ability to do that.

            Damon was with me as the servants just finished my suit. He and Mackenzie had recently gotten engaged.

“Very impressive, Derek.” He said.

“I’m so nervous, Damon.”

“Come now, you love her, do not you?”

“Yes, I do. Very much.”

            Valerio then landed on the balcony. His scales were beginning to turn gold due to him mating with Allegra.

“Are you ready, Derek?”

“I guess so.”

            I then got on his saddle and we headed for the valley. I spotted Allegra in the distance. I knew she had Annika on her new saddle. Valerio had told me he met her the night of the ball. He met her when they were fighting over a deer. She then showed him the cave in the mountain where they had fallen in love. She was now expecting his eggs any day. He then landed on the left side where our new pope was and landed. Allegra landed where Annika’s grandfather was and jumped opposite to Valerio. Annika was walked down by her grandfather and met with me. She looked gorgeous. Her hair was curled and there seemed to be silver strings in her hair. Kohl lined her eyes and her lips were full and red. The pope then told us to give our vows to each other and we exchanged them. We were finally ordered to cross our wrists. The pope tied a golden ribbon around our wrists and announced.

“I now present to you King Derek and Queen Annika!”

            We then left on Valerio and Annika to fly over to our new castle. We landed on the new balcony that was built in our new bedroom. Annika was crying when we landed.

“Annika, is something wrong?” I asked.

“No, Derek, I’m just so happy.” She said, smiling and wiping the tears away.

“Congratulations to both of you on your wedding and your child.” Allegra then said.

“Child?” I asked, confused.

“You did not know Derek?” she asked.

“Know what?”

“Derek, Annika is pregnant with your child.” She said.

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