“Derek…” Father began.

“What is this?” I asked.

            My father and uncle looked at each other and my uncle said “I think we should show him, Henry.”

“Show me what?”

Father took a breath and said “Follow us.”

            They went in the tunnel and I followed them. When we came to the end, there were six statues around the room with one in the center with a gate on it.

“What is this place?” I asked.

“This is the resting place of our ancestors. Every great member of our family. The Great Ones.”

“Who is the center one?”

“That is my great grandfather’s great grandfather. He was a gifted warrior. You remind me of him. He was adventurous and high-spirited. Behind the gate, is his armor, it is strong and very light. In order to open the gate we need six tablets. Your uncle and I found five. We had no luck on finding the sixth. We wanted to find it, but I had to stop.”


“Because I had a son to take care of. That and old age caught up with us.”

“Maybe I can find the last tablet.”


“Aye, with my powers I can find it and win the armor for you.”

“No, if you unlock it, you win it. The armor will be yours.”

“How do we find the sixth?”

“We found the other five in secret rooms and temples in the kingdom. It could be anywhere. Churches, a stable, a castle, even a brothel.” Uncle said.

“Indigo, don’t give him any ideas.” Father said. “Oh, Derek, please don’t mention this to your mother. She has enough to worry about with the child.”

“Will do.”

            We were about to walk out of the tunnel when we saw Damon, Katherine, and Annika were there waiting for us.

“What is this?” Damon asked.

“This is the tomb of our ancestors, Damon.”

Damon walked to our great-great-great grandfather’s statue. “That is very impressive armor.”

“It is our great-great-great grandfather, Damon.” I told him. “And the armor is mine.”

“I do not know, I would do a great deal of damage to the enemy with it.”

“Then find the sixth seal, and it will be yours.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Aye, it is.” I said. My eyes began to burn again and I rubbed them. I then opened them and I didn’t see my family and Annika, but the church in the village. It went to a seal in the shape of a lion head that was behind a pillar.

“Derek, are you alright?” I heard Annika.

            My eyes adjusted and I could see clearly again. My father was holding me up with his hand on my chest.

“Yes, just another power. Again with my eyes.”

“What you see?” Katherine asked.

I didn’t want to tell Damon where the sixth seal was, so I lied. “I saw your insides. Bone, muscle, organs. Everything. Not a pleasant image.”

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