Valerio led me through the other dragons as he went to a high chamber. Two large black dragons were posted at the entrance. I assumed they were the guards as the asked him who he was.

“Valerio, here to see the Dragon King.”

“He is expecting you.” One said as they let him pass.

            Valerio then went into the chamber and came to the towering rocks. Three dragons then appeared on top of them. The right dragon was shiny silver color. It was more eye-catching than the dragon on the left which had a duller tone to its scales. It was the center dragon that looked magnificent. The scales were a bright gold color and this dragon looked to be the Dragon King. Valerio then lowered his head as a sign of respect.

“Vendril, my king, I have done asked.” Valerio said to the golden dragon.

“Well done, Valerio. Step forward human.” The Dragon King said in a deep low voice.

            I slid off of Valerio and walked forward to the three dragons. I was a little frightened as I approached the giant golden dragon.

“What is your name?” he asked me.

“Derek, your Majesty.” I said, dropping to my knees and bowing.

“Rise, human, we are both of royal blood.”

            I then got on my feet and looked up at the golden dragon.

“I am Vendril, King of the Dragons. This is my mate, Veria and our daughter, Allegra. Valerio has told me of your kingdom and its problem with James. I am sorry for the loss of your father. From what Valerio has told me he was a good king and decent man.”

“Thank you.”

“Normally I would kill a human for trespassing here, but you have shown a kindness to Valerio. Had he killed Valerio, my daughter wouldn’t have found a mate.”

“Mate?” I asked.

“I chose Valerio as my mate and I hope to bring peace when my father passes on.” The silver dragon to his left said. Her voice was more soothing than her father’s, but it seemed that her voice was the only thing that could fool me. She still was a dragon.


“Derek, you and I both know that many years ago we both killed one another. Father wants a time where humans and dragons can live side by side. You are living proof we can.”

“My daughter speaks my mind. Had my son still be alive, we would not be meeting.” Vendril explained.

“What do you mean?”

“You are not the only one who lost family to James.”

“He killed your son?”

“Yes. I want to make a treaty: we will help you kill James if we can come out of hiding.”

“I can’t guarantee you safety.”

“The world will know how to make peace with us, as your kingdom has with Valerio.”

“Then will you help?”


“Then we attack James’s kingdom tonight.”

            I was now running down the hallway to Stefan’s shop. I threw the door open and met him there.

“Stefan, can you make more saddles?”

“What for?”

“More riders.”

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