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Kanan pov
As Ezra fainted I ran to him. He fell to the ground. I picked him up and ran to the med-bay, the crew following.
I didn't want to tell the crew but Ezra had turned, and I sensed it fully. Ali and Ezra were both turned now. I also knew Sabine was dead, I knew I had to at least tell them that.
How are we going to deal with Ezra? I thought to myself as I set him on the bed.
"Zeb, chop, leave." I said.
"Oi' Kanan..."
I interrupted him," Leave and don't listen, I can sense you."
They left and Hera gave me a look of worry.
"Sabine is dead." I said sadly.
She immediately had tears in her eyes. I hugged her and she sobbed into my shoulder.
"Should we tell Zeb?" I asked.
"Yes." She was about to walk out when I laid my hand on her shoulder.
She turned to me. "Ezra and Ali are turned."
At this she ran over to Ezra and hugged him. "They couldn't be." She said crying into Ezra's chest.
Then Ezra started to wake up, but something felt different. He gasped as he opened his eyes. They were blue, if he was turned they'd be yellow.
"Wha-what h-happened?" He asked, then his eyes widened.
"Ali's turned, how am I not?" He asked in a scared tone.
"I..." I paused, "I'm not sure."
Ali pov
The inquisitor is going to give me a mission. I go to his office.
"Master." I bowed.
"Apprentice, you shall go undercover as their friend. You shall make them trust you."
"Yes, master." I said as he handed me green contacts. I put them over my yellow eyes and set off to the ship of the rebels.
I knocked on the hatch. It opened slowly and revealed Ezra. He saw me and pointed his lightsaber blaster at me. The crew ran to Ezra. I knew all about them. My master had told me.
"Ezra what are you doing!" Hera asked.
"She's on the dark side Hera!" He yelled at her.
"No I would've sensed it too, Ezra." Kanan said.
"Yeah sure." He mumbled.
"Come on. You can come in. It's late we should sleep." Hera said everyone agreed.
I was told to kill everyone, one by one, the Padawan first.

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