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2 days later/Ezra pov
"You ready for this?" I ask Ali waiting at the ramp.
"You know I am!" She replied eagerly.
Kanan walks in behind us. "You ready for this?"
"Yes!" We both say eagerly.
"It's only a routine op, why are you so excited!"
"Well we kind of had some good feelings, about it."
The ship landed and we ran out. Me, Ali, and Kanan ran out to the supply room.
Kanan grabbed the crates and told us to cover him.
A hand grabbed me from behind, it grabbed Ali too.
"Any troopers?" Kanan asked.
I tried to say help but it came out as "MMMM!"
Kanan turned around to see me and Ali in the inquisitor's grasp.
Kanan pov
I turned around only to see Ezra and Ali in the inquisitor's grasp. I drew my lightsaber.
"Oh this is going to be fun." He said forcing Ezra and Ali to a wall.
They got up and drew their lightsabers. The inquisitor just smirked and forced them to his hands. The two stood weaponless and vulnerable.
I thought about the conversation I had with Ezra on the top of the ghost. He wasn't even trained and I let him be a master, what was I thinking?
The inquisitor forced Ezra and Ali towards him. He knocked Ezra out by throwing him at a wall. Ali then went unconscious because of their bond. He threw her at the wall. Her limp body fell on top of Ezra's limp body.
I battled the inquisitor. He kept tell me things, like how I couldn't save them, and how they would be taken away.
Just then troopers dragged them away. I knew I had to leave so I could save them.

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