Save By Who

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Ezra pov
I looked up to see Ali's saber being blocked by a boy who looked about 17. His saber was green. He had long blonde hair and orange eyes. He wore a tank top with stripes and armor on his shoulder. He wore imperial pants with an imperial utility belt.
I watched as he and Ali clashed.
He was about to slash Ali when I yelled "STOP!!"
He turned to me and gave a why-not-she's-evil look.
"She's not evil, she's turned." I replied.
He seemed to understand because he just chained her to the ladder of the bed
"Who are you?" I asked in suspicion
"I'm Harely, Ashoka sent me, she said she told Hera S." He stated.
"He's correct." Hera said  "He'll sleep with you Ezra. And you won't sleep in here."
We all went to sleep awaiting a long battle of turning Ali back in the morning.

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