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Ezra pov
We woke up early, even earlier than Kanan, who gets up at 5:00 am. We packed our stuff and went to the hatch.
We ran far away, so they couldn't fine us. We ran until we found an old, abandoned house in the middle of nowhere.
We both had packed as much as we could into our backpacks. I had 12 malurans, 2 blankets, and a canteen of water. Ali had 8 malurans, 3 canteens of water, a lighter, and a pot.
Ali shivered, "Maybe we should start a fire with the lighter."
"Sure, I'll go get some sticks." I ran outside and grabbed as many sticks as I could.
"Here." She handed me the lighter.
"Thanks." I said as I lit the sticks on fire. "Want a blanket?"
"Yeah." I handed her a blanket, and put one over myself. "Thanks."
I smiled at her and then we both drifted off to sleep.
Kanan pov
I woke up at 5am, as always. I walked into the kitchen to eat some malurans, but there weren't any. Instead I made a sandwich.
I noticed the canteens I left on the table were gone.
I didn't question it, I just waited for the others to wake up.
Once everyone but Ali and Ezra were up I asked them about it. They didn't know where the malurans or canteens went either.
I decided to go wake up Ali and Ezra. I walked down the hall to their room. The door opened to reveal an empty room. There was nothing left on there, anywhere.
I walked back to the kitchen to tell the crew.
"Oi, at least we know wher the malurons and canteens went." Zeb said jokingly. Hera glared at him.
"We should search town." I say.
"Good idea love."
After hours of searching we didn't find them anywhere, not even at Ezra's tower. This isn't good.

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