Kanan Finds Out

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Kanan pov
I started to train Ali right away on how to use a lightsaber.
"Ok block the rocks." I say.She blocks all of them. "Good job!"
"I already knew how to, Ezra... oops!" She ran to her and Ezra's room. Ezra walked out of the room.
He looked at me, "We need to talk." He said.
We went on the top of the ship.
"I have been training Ali. I trained her to connect with animals, deflect blaster shots, and fight against someone else with a lightsaber. Everything you taught me. I am her master."
I thought about this, it made sense. But how did he teach her combat with a lightsaber.
"How did you teach her combat?" He got a nervous grin on his face.
"Well, I may have taken your lightsaber for a night."
I just laughed. "Good work, Padawan." I hugged him. "I'm proud of you."

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