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Ezra pov
"What do you mean, sort of?" Marry asked.
"Well we ran away." I said looking at the ground.
"Why?" She asked.
"Well, we aren't exactly sure. We felt like we couldn't trust them." I said.
"So you ran away to a bounty hunter?"she asked.
"No we woke up on his ship." I said.
"Oh well we..." she stopped as a low rumble of a ship grew louder.
I looked up to see the ghost. Ali and I exchange glances, then we ran. While we ran I thought maybe we should return. We might be captured if we don't go back. I stopped, Ali did too. I nodded at her, and we ran back to the ghost.
The others weren't on the ship so we snuck into our rooms. We both drifted to sleep not expecting anything to happen.
Time skip/Ali pov
I woke up, I wasn't on the ghost. I was cuffed in an imperial cell. The door opened and revealed the inquisitor.
He smirked. "Hello, girl." He said in a cold voice. He made me feel cold. "Join the dark side."
"If you don't we will hurt your friend." I thought he was talking about Ezra. But, instead, they dragged in Sabine.
She looked like she had been tortured. "SABINE!!" I yelled without thinking.
"Yes so you shall join us or she shall die. Think." He said as he left.
"Sabine? Sabine! SABINE!" I shook her shoulder.
"Wha-Ali? Where are we?" She asked sounding weak and confused.
"W-we are in am imperial base, and I have to leave the rebels."
"Wh-what, Ali, no don't." She said as weakly as before.
"I have to or they will kill you."
She was about to respond when she fainted, I assumed from blood lose.
"Have you considered?" The inquisitor asked as he walked in.
"I will join you, just don't hurt her."
"Very good." He said and stabbed her in the stomach.
"SABINE!!" I yelled before I fainted and felt darkness take over me.
Ezra pov
I was sitting in Kanan's room meditating with him, as always, when I felt something. I opened my eyes, as did Kanan, before I knew it I fell unconscious.
"EZRA!!!" Is the last thing I heard before darkness took over.

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