Turned Back

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Shoutout and big thanks to luxiegirl98 thanaton and FantasyGirl4757 for the help.
Ezra pov (little time skip)
Now that we have gotten me a new piece of 'armor', we've been trying to turn Ali back. It hasn't worked. At all. Alex and I have been sleeping in the medbay because Ali is in my room.
I went to bed
I saw Ali chained to a wall. I tried to run over to her but I was pulled back. I was chained to the opposite wall. The inquisitor walked in with eight stormtroopers. Four went over to Ali. Four walked over to me. The four troopers took me and Ari to a smaller room. They chained us there.
End of dream
I woke up. I wasn't on the ship. I looked around and saw I was in an imperial cell. 'Great this is just what I need.' I thought.
I heard footsteps. I looked towards the door when it opened with a hiss. I saw the inquisitor with Ali behind him.
I smiled at Ali, but she just glared at me. I looked up at the inquisitor with a glare, but he just smirked.
"You will join me and your little friend." He said gesturing to Ali.
"No I won't." I said in a low voice.
"Very well." He said drawing his lightsaber.
He started walking towards me.
Ali pov
I watched as my master approached the boy. The boy seemed to be looking at me for help.
My master ignited his lightsaber and started running it down his arm. As his screams filled the room, something came back to me.
"STOP! Stop hurting him!" I yelled.

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