Losing the Armor

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Ali pov
I used the force to make sure everyone was asleep. I sensed Kanan was asleep but uneasy. I should be fine.
I grabbed my red lightsaber out of my backpack. I went to the hall and ignited it, careful not to wake Ezra. I walked back in and held up my lightsaber.
I felt a disturbance in the force but ignored it. Bad idea. The door behind me opened to reveal Kanan. I quickly turned and was going to slash when Kanan pushed me.
I only managed to cut off his useless armor, or so I thought. After I cut it off Ezra woke up with a scream.
"Ezra get out of here!" Kanan yelled at him.
He replied with "I can't."
Ezra pov
"I can't."
"Why not Ezra?!" Kanan asked me angrily.
"I needed that to walk." I said quietly.
"Ezra why didn't you..." he started but was cut off by being slashed in the arm.
"Kanan!" I scream as I try to get up but fall.
"Oh look at this." Ali says removing green contacts. "Master and Padawan, dying together." She said about to stab me in the chest. Then she stopped.

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