Bitter sweet escape

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Kanan p.o.v.
Ashoka ran into the cell her sabers on. She bounds at the inquisitor, but he was to quick. He slashed at one of her sabers and it broke to pieces. She quickly recovered and jumped at him again. He lunged at her. He quickly grabbed her saber and deactivated it. He pulled her arms behind her back. "Don't move Jedi or she gets it." He said putting his saber to Ashoka's neck.

I had no choice but to do as he pleased.

Ezra's p.o.v. (In the cockpit with Ali)

"Hera!! We can't leave them here!" Me and Ali yelled at the same time.

"Ezra, Ali! We have to leave! We'll figure something else out!" Hera said as the Ghost jerked into the air.

"HERA!!!" Me and Ali yelled again.

"Blasters! Now!" Hera yelled.

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