The Mission

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2 years later/ Ali 6 Ezra 16
Ali pov
"Ali?" Ezra asked quietly.
"Yeah, Ez."
"Do you have a bad feeling about this mission?"
"Yes, should we warn the others? I mean we aren't going on the mission, but we can help."
"I don't know, Kanan would probably think we were just paranoid."
"Yes, but it's worth a try."
We go to the common room, no one was there. We ran to the cockpit to find them. When we entered Hera was sitting in her seat.
"Where are the others?" Ezra asked, he was obviously as nervous as I was.
"They are already on the mission."
"What!?" Ezra and I yelled.
We ran out of the cockpit and into the bay. What we saw was terrifying. We saw Sabine in troopers grasp, Zeb unconscious, and Kanan was about to be slashed by the inquisitor's lightsaber.
Ezra ran to block the saber. I ran to the troopers. Ezra had given me his electric slingshot. I shot it at the troopers a few times.
They dropped Sabine and she ran to me. "What happened?" I asked.
"Well..." She was about to explain but got shot in the shoulder.
"SABINE!" I threw her arm over my shoulder. I walked her to the ship and laid her on the ramp.
I looked over to Zeb, I couldn't lift him. I saw he was coming to a little. If he helped me I could get him to the ramp.
I ran over to him. I helped him to the ramp as he limped, even though he's a lot taller than me.
Then I ran over to Ezra. He and Kanan were battling the inquisitor.
I shot an electric ball at the inquisitor. He just let it hit him. I couldn't help because I didn't have a lightsaber yet.
Ezra pov
I clashed with the inquisitor, as did Kanan. Then an electric ball flew at the inquisitor. I saw Ali had helped Zeb and Sabine.
"She is exactly like you, Padawan." The inquisitor smirked as he pushed me back. Kanan ran towards him. Their sabers clashed. He threw Kanan into some crates. Kanan didn't get up. He charged Ali with his saber. I jumped in front of her.
"Ali run!"I yelled. Then I whispered, "Get Kanan."
She nodded and acted like she was going to the ship. Then she snuck back to Kanan. She threw his arm around her shoulder. She looked small compared to him. They walked back to the ship. She laid Kanan on the ramp with the others.
I watched as she grabbed Kanan's lightsaber. I continued fighting the inquisitor. He pushed me back into a pile of metal boxes. One landed on my lightsaber and crushed it.
The inquisitor approached me. He held Kanan's lightsaber and Ali. "Now what do we have here?"
"Put. Her. Down." I say through gritted teeth.
"And what if I don't?" He asked slyly. I forced him back to the wall. I grabbed my Kyber crystal that had split in half, Kanan's lightsaber, and Ali.
I ran to the ship and Hera took off.
"What happened to your lightsaber?" Kanan asks.
"It split." He smiled incredibly wide at this. "What are you thinking?" I asked.
"Now we can make Ali a lightsaber too." He said happily.
"Really!" Ali and I exclaimed.
Time skip/ Kanan pov
I watched as Ezra and Ali opened their twin lightsabers. They both had built in blasters.

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