Fighting Darkness

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Ezra pov
I woke up up in an imperial cell. I felt very weak and helpless. I looked around and realized Ali wasn't here.
The inquisitor walked in and smirked at me. I just glared at him.
"Where is she!" I asked angrily.
"Far away from here." He smirked evilly.
"You won't get any information out of me." I said.
"Information? No you are useful way beyond information."
He approached me slowly. He forced me against the wall and started choking me.
All he said before I was almost unconscious was, "You can't save her from the darkness."
Ali pov
I was sitting in the cell I had waken up in. I felt weak because Ezra was no where close to me.
I started to feel stronger and stronger, until the door to the cell opened and revealed the inquisitor and Ezra. Ezra was barely breathing.
The inquisitor threw Ezra in front of me.
"This is your fault." The inquisitor said to me.
"No! No it's not! You did this to him!" I yelled at him.
"Yes, good. Let your anger take over." He said smirking.
I immediately calmed down. Ezra had told me that if my anger consumed me I would turn, and if I turned he'd turn.
The inquisitor seemed to notice that I calmed down. He left but before he did he said something.
"You can't resist the darkness forever."

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