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Raven's POV

Robin was looking at the verge of crying. "Relax." I motion for my bed. He sits.
"I. I-" Robin stutters and looks at Starfire. I feel annoyed.
"Robin, I'm sorry." I whisper a spell.
Robin falls back.

Starfire's POV

I awoke again. Why did I feel the hunger? I look up into the dark purple ceilings. "Is this the room of friend Raven?" I whisper.
"Yes." Raven states.
"And why am I here. Not to be the rude." I sat up and looked around.
"You are here because of Robin's carelessness." She motions to the figure of a lying Robin. Raven floats out of the room. "Have fun." I watch the door do shutting and sit by Robin's side. I look at the laying leader.
"Hello friend Robin." I run my hand through the hair on his head. He moves. "Robin!" I jump excited.
"Huh?" He looks tired. I grab him by his arms and fly up, dragging him to his room. As I come upon the kitchen with the sleepy Robin below me, I here the other friends laughing and eating.
I place the Robin down and float into the room.
"Friends! Hello. When did we begin the breaking the fast?" I try the smiling again.
"Hey Star! Enjoying time-" Cyborg snickers.
"The time with your boyfriend?" Beastboy laughs and falls to his side.
"Yeah!! Haha anything happen?"
Cyborg giggled.
"What do you mean?" I looked to them confused.
"Don't deny. You lov-" Raven punches Cyborg an Beastboy.
"She doesn't know about that feeling I don't think." She mumbles.
"What feeling?" I frown.
"Just go put Robin away." Raven told me.
"Okay. I will do the putting away."
I slowly flew to help Robin. When I went he wasn't there. "Friend Robin?"
I called down the hallway. No reply.
I go where I know I find him.

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