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Starfire's POV

I didn't mean to erupt at the Friend Robin I love. I think that I am in the love. Friend Robin is of an amazing importance to me and he gives me the butterflies and the blush, as Friend Raven educated me. I let the water pool out of my tired eyes, and lay sprawled across my bed. I hadn't felt so of the horrible in a very long long time. Friend Robin is of the very sick and yet I do nothing of anything to help him feel the betters. He probably isn't in the love for me anymore. I scream in the pillow and softly let my emoticons take over. I am doing shaking and before I know it, I fall into a nightmare.

Raven's POV

I can hear soft, muffled cries coming from Starfire's room. I wander on over to check and make sure she isn't too upset. It was like Starfire to get the mad. It was usually my thing. But hey, she tries to always hangout with me and have "girl time" and I warned her she'd pick stuff up. I pulled open the door as quietly as I could but it decided to be a jerk and make loud, annoying squawking noises.

"Go a-a-away..." A muffled voice stuttered. I drifted over to Starfire's bed and sat awkwardly.

"Listen, I gotta say. You usually don't act like that. And Robin knows that and I'm sure he is still your friend." I try to comfort her, but I'm not too experienced in the field.

"Bu-bu-but I lov-love him..." Starfire sobs into her pillow. I sit stiffly on her soft bed, staring down at her shaking body.

"Robin should be here any minute," I begin to levitate again. "You can tell him how you feel then, okay?" And with that I quickly exit the room and slide the door shut. As I turn to start my way back to my room, I slam into a eve's dropping Beastboy and Cyborg.

"Scram." I spit at them.

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