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Robin's POV

The horrible feeling the evil bitch left behind burned me. I felt nothing but hate towards life, and anyone who had the means to speak to me. At this moment I felt only one feeling- hate. I wanted revenge on the "dump" I have inhabited. I wanted them all to feel how it is to be powerless. I regained my posture as I stood to my feet. I felt the searing pain shooting threw my cheek and arm. I glared forward and staggered through the empty halls, leaving nothing but blood and regrets behind me.

Raven's POV

I sat next to Starfire as she finally pulled herself together.

"See. You are fine now. Robin isn't mad. You shouldn't be either. He loves you. Trust me, he sucks at hiding his crushing." I say, as Starfire smiles weakly at my hooded figure.

"Thank you. I feel so much the betters." She hugs me, and I awkwardly stay stiff to her embrace.

"Well," I push her away. "I'd better be off. I have to go make dinner or whatever. Remember to talk to Robin, no one will bother the two of you." I walk out as Starfire beams nervously.


Starfire makes her way down the halls, emitting a warm glow as she does so. She is feeling this is the time to fully confess her feelings to the masked superhero. She fixes her long pink locks, brushing them out of her face nervously. She took a deep breath as she neared Robin's pale figure.

"Hello Friend Robin!" She called cheerfully. Robin didn't return the cheerfulness. He instead frowned.

"What do you want?" He spat, standing angrily a few yards away. She felt sick. She wasn't used to the harsh behavior and hostility Robin was now displaying.

"I... I..." She choked out. Robin pulled out his staff.

"What?" Robin mocked, marching confidently to her now shaking figure.

"I..." She begin. Tears flooded her eyes and she was nothing but confused to the actions of the boy she loved.

"Spit it out!" Robin slammed his staff, making contact with the hard, metal floors.

"I... love you." She said, the droplets that had just formed in her eyes began to fall gently down her pale face.

Robin stood shaking before her. Inside, past the drugs Luna forced in him, he loved her too. He ached to brush against the soft, pink lips and cuddle her small figure. He loved the alien girl more than anyone in the world, but he was so blind.

"Guess what?" He spat. He raised his staff into the air.

"What Friend Robin?" Starfire welted like a dying flower.

"I don't love you." And with those four words, he slammed his metal staff into the poor girl, as they both cried.

Robin ran down the halls, fleeing from the girl he loved. Blood spilled from Starfire's new wound. She cried helplessly. Her heart ached and she felt so much emotion she imagined exploding from the overload. Her breaths were short and she soon began to scream out of heartbreak.

Robin didn't love her back.

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