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Starfire's POV

I was doing the wandering. Friend Robin had left the spot I had placed him. This wasn't of the goods.
'Glitt norf!' I did curse of the bad.
I arrived at the space room for Friend Robin. "Hello? Friend Robin can I be the coming in of the room space?"
I put a hand on the barrier door between Friend Robin and I.
"I guess, Star." I heard Friend Robin say in the frown voice.
"Are you of the O-Kay's?" I asked as the barrier did the opening.
"I'm fine Star, just a little tired. My head is hurting." He put his hand to his head spot.
"Oh my. Do you need a pack of the heats or colds?" I hurried to Friend Robins side.
"I just need some rest, Star. And maybe if it's not too much to ask but a Advil?" I looked down with the frowns of confusion.
"Sorry?" He did a small smile.
"Hahaha, my fault. It's a pain pill."
"Oh those! I will be the right of the backs Friend Robin!" I watched him lay back as I exited. Now to find the pain Pills...

Robin's POV

I stared sadly up at the ceiling feeling nausea and dizziness spin my surroundings. This was odd. I never felt this sick or tired unless I had a harsh fight the night before. I never find myself acting like this. It was almost cause anger to bubble within me. I stood up, my head pain rolling around like dice. I place on hand on my head to even out the pain better.
I heard the haunting laughs echo down the halls of the other team mates. I frown hard and look around at the dizzy mess of images before me. I make out a shelf. I punch. Throwing all my pain and anger at the shelving unit. It falls apart as my hands cry. I look pityful down at the mess. I began to feel oozy and try to find something to stable. "Argh!" I throw up atop the rumble disaster I made. "Ill clean it later" I mumble short of breaths. I fumble for a sheet cloth and through it as best I could over the pile. I fall back barely missing my bed. I crash to the ground. I faintly here the sound of sweet bells.


Robin lay sickly across the floor of his room. Starfire, holding the pills and a glass of water heard the noises down the hall along with the rest fo the Titans. Star rushed to Robins side, sending the meds flying.
"Friend Robin!" She screamed.

Starfire's POV

Friend Robin was of the very sicks. I was only a few paces from his door when I heard the crash. I did the running and the throwing. He was laying not on the board with blankets, but on the flooring below. It was smelling of the bar-f and things were a mess everywhere. I called for the other Friends.

Raven's POV

"Cyborg. Did you here that?" Beastboy said in an annoying voice. He sorta sounded a bit concerned. Cyborg hadn't caught on yet.
"Cyborg." I frowned . "I think there's trouble down the hall." I stated slowly.
"A break in?!" Cyborg laughed.
"Cy I don't think she's kidding..." Beastboy whispered pointing at me.
"Come on losers. Are you going to held or not ? I expected them to laugh and down more waffles. But to my stupid surprise the boys got up and followed my down the hall ready for a fight. As I neared the corner I scowled. "Get a mop, a bucket, water and get ready to clean guys. I'll get the meds and crap. I looked annoyed and pushed Cyborg and BB aside. They looked startled. "You don't want to ask why. But I'll tell you anyways." I said with a bored voice. "Your leader is finally sick." And with that I left for the kitchen.

Cyborg's POV

I looked ov'a at BB. "Dude you know what this means?!" He looked excited.
I frowned. "Man it means we need ta be maids. BB slouches and stomps down to the cleaning closet. I follow in anger. "Rob is so needy!"

Starfire's POV

I had done the lifting Friend Robin to the bed. He looked a mother color again. Green and the reds. He had waters coming off his face and felt scorching hot. I did some puffing to the pills-lows and straighting of the few coverings. I looked sadly at Friend Robin. He was being of the differents today. I looked down at the humans face and felt something I've never felt before. I sickly feeling of something inside. I put my face close to his. And I did the kissing.

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