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Starfire had awoke this morning extra early, yawning.
"I hope friend Robin is done with the 'night crashing'?" Starfire wondered aloud. She slipped out of the thin covers of her bed and dressed in her usual outfit. Starfire glanced in the mirror thoughtfully. She ran a brush through her hair quickly and flew to the kitchen in a hurry.

Starfire's POV

I was the happy this glorious sun up time. I did the smiling and rounded the corners of the Tower of the Titans.
As I came upon the place of the foods, I saw my dear friend, Robin stirring up batters. "Hello friend! How was the night crashing?" I felt warmth creep up my cheeks as I did some more of the smiling.
"Great Star! How was yours?" Robin also did the smiling as he turned a different color.
"Robin friend? Why the color changing?" I did frowning and came closer.
"Uhh- nothing. Umm ya haha, yup lol..." He stuttered.

Robin's POV

Star noticed my blushing. I had to keep cool. " Sorry Star, I was just seeing how I'd look red." I tried to say and Starfire began to look more confused.
"Friend Robin. You look the good- um regular color." She stumbled into the shelves and fell to the floor.
"Star!" I yelled, and lifted her up into my arms. "Are you okay?!" I realized that when I went to help Starfire I flung the waffles into the air and they flew onto the meditating Raven just coming through the door.
"What's all the racket?" Raven said with a monotone voice. I placed Star against the fridge.
"Nothing..." I blushed as Raven picked a soggy waffle from the hood of her cape.
"Yeah. Nothing." She said sarcastically making her way to the couch. Just then Beastboy and Cyborg crashed into the kitchen filled with laughter and argument.
"NAH CY! I SMELL WAFFLES!!" Beastboy screamed with glee and shoved Cyborg to the side. I flipped over some pancakes and waffles and flipped down syrup, fruit and butter. They laugh and I looked over at Star still slouched again the fridge unconscious. "Morning Rob." Beastboy thanked me for the waffles and pancakes and then saw Star.
"Uh man. Why is Star-"
At that moment Star fell to the floor and smacked tiles.
"Star!" We all screamed.
"Gurgle..." She coughed. I ran to her side.
"Uh Rob... Someone's gotta crush..."Beastboy laughed as I sat next to Star cradling her.
"Bro stop mumbling like a loser." Cyborg laughed with Beastboy.
"Guys! Stop, this could be serious!"
I yelled at the two boys.
Raven came over.
"Here." She motioned. "Take her and follow me." I picked Star up bridal style and carried here off following Raven. "Okay. Let us see..."

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